A song full of genuine positive energy, with a moving rhythm that involves you from the first moment.

As the Alpha Circle members tell us, the band has three goals: one, to make music that consisted of of a thumping blend of slick rhythms and epic hooks. Two, to bring a pop rock live action energy to their groove and three, to write lyrics that told stories of hope and overcoming life’s challenges.

With independent pop-style sound that speaks of maturity and finding your place in this world, “Circles” is a song with which Alpha Circle transmits in all its entirety the essence of its creative and musical vision. Thanks to the excellent instrumental performances and a solar vocal performance, with “CirclesAplha Circle gives us a motivational and exciting listening experience, with a rich sound aesthetic that formidably saturates the sound spectrum.

With such a charge, we are sure that seeing them live in one of their concerts is truly a unique experience. So while listening to “Cirlces“, the latest single from Alpha Cirlces available on Spotify [ here ] and Youtube [ here ], why not go to his social networks or their website to find the closest date where they will perform? Check out the links:

To get to know Alpha Circle more closely, we had the pleasure of entertaining them with a short interview. Read on to find out more!

First of all, who are the members of Alpha Circle and how did you meet each other?

Lee: “Alberto and I used to play in a band called The New Mads. It was more of a covers band and we were wanting to compose and the other members not so much. One day Simon came to a gig and afterwards he introduced himself to us and told us he was a drummer and would love to collaborate. So that was the end of The New Mads and the beginning of Alpha Circle.”
Simon “I really liked Lee’s presence on stage and just having a few drinks with him after the gig we really hit it off. We have a similar taste in music, both love football and are freaks for WWE.”
Alberto “I can safely say I’m not. After some jam sessions we started coming up with tunes right away and it was then we knew we needed the bassist. After a few auditions in walked The Gaelic God, Lewis”
Lewis “I thought who are these weirdos, I quite like them haha. I’d just moved back to Madrid from England and had played in bands before and I was looking to get back into it. I had a good rapport with the guys and just wanted to get back playing live music.”

Where does the inspiration for your songs come from?

The song, “Circles”, comes from a variety of inspirational sources, which are sprinkled throughout the verses, however, the main idea of the song strives to convey the fact that although we may walk in different circles, we are all in this world together and we should embrace it and acknowledge that we are not alone and help is just around the corner.

Your music is the kind that stands out for its energizing and motivational charge that one can already feel even when just listening to you in streaming. What can we expect from you during a live performance?

During a live performance we want to share all the fun we have playing our songs, we want to make you feel as if you were part of the band, all fun all smiles!

Can you tell us something about one of the latest live performances?

The last gig was at a venue called La Sala Botellita, not far from Real Madrid’s football stadium. We tried out a few new covers mixed with our own material and took the opportunity to collaborate with some local artists that we are big fans of, Binary Drift and Lillie. I’m sure you can find them on Instagram. The gig went well and the after party was off the charts!

What is the next date you will perform?

We believe our next performance is at la Sala Costello on Valentine’s Day in the city centre supporting the aforementioned Lillie. We can’t wait!