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The rousing theme of Alpha Cat’s “Venus Smile… Retrograde” is about how it’s a broken heart that shows you what you’re made of.

It is also a reflection of Elizabeth McCullough’s observation that the world has become too divided, too extreme.

An overwhelming breakdown that also seeks a hopeful resolution and reconnection of these separations, and eventually, hopefully, redemption.

Started as a band and turned into a collective, Alpha Cat was born in the mid-90s by Elizabeth McCullough, a photographer who had started writing songs on her own, who then ran into some old acquaintances.

James Mastro, Richard Lloyd and Fred Smith, are the ones who have joined along the way to co-produce two CDs signed by Alpha Cat.

The most recent work is the six-track EP titled “Venus Smile… Retrograde.” This record’s musicians include: Elizabeth McCullough, singer, songwriter and acoustic guitar, geniuses guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer) and bassist Reggie McBride (From Stevie Wonder and Parliament Funkadelic, to Elton John,) the brilliant drummer Jason Harrison Smith, Manuel Quintana on percussion, Jane Scarpantoni on cello (REM, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, etc.) and Murphy Bug on backing vocals and additional guitar and bass.

Listen now to Venus Smile... Retrograde, the latest EP by Alpha Cat, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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