Rock Mafia is a record production and songwriting collective, that has written and produced thirty-eight top ten singles, with over 10 billion streams. Their collaborators include Eminem, ZEDD, Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez, just to name a few.

Goldiie is a multi-platinum singer and songwriter, already known for her outspoken style, who has worked with Chris Brown, Jessie J, Wiz Khalifa, Meek Mill, Nipsey Hussle and more.

And guess what you get when they put their creativity together? You get an anthem of high energy, which spreads good vibes and empowers everyone through a catchy song. “F**k What People Think” is a sing-along empowering anthem about being yourself, regardless of what people think.

"F**k What People Think" by Rock Mafia with Goldiie - artwork
F**k What People Think” by Rock Mafia with Goldiie – artwork

As explained by Rock Mafia: “There’s a social epidemic where people are allowing others to make them feel like they’re not worthy, like they can’t shine in their own unique way. People judge others just for being different than them. This song is about driving home the point that it doesn’t matter what people think.”

Far from being frivolous, “F**k What People Think” is a true piece of musical therapy. From its first to its last note it is perfectly pertinent to the significant positive message it brings. Its construction, the arrangement and Gooldiie‘s performance work together to create a burst of positive energy that instills serenity.

F**k What People Think” is a motivational song, which encourages you to live life getting rid of all the negative noise buzzing around. It is a positive push to face the whirlwind of social pressure that engulfs us all today.

Good and positive vibes. Something we should keep with us every day.

Listen now to “F**k What People Think” by Rock Mafia with Goldiie, which is already available on Spotify [ here ] and all the other major digital platform. The song came along with a music video available on Youtube [ here ].