Vibrant, warm and brilliant. She is Alisa Chirco, out with her latest single “Norma Jeane“, a song that ranges between pop and dance in a profound and heartfelt way.

Dynamic and fresh, “Norma Jeane” is enriched by a retro sound, with a slightly melancholic taste, which sounds pleasant and engaging.

With a satisfying balance of its mix, the arrangement and structure of the song present a dynamic that works very well. Thanks to the various stops and interruptions of the rhythm, the song develops and moves forward practically on its own.

On all this stands out the vocal performance of Chirco, which gradually elevates the entire musical delivery. Without excesses, the increasing passion that Alisa gives us at every repetition of the tune is a true exaltation of the song. Edifying in its development and radiant in its apex, with “Norma JeaneAlisa Chirco projects her music towards a promising horizon, wide open to a bright future.

A fascinating mix of brilliant lights and veiled shadows, every tiny and splendid future nuance of which we can’t wait to appreciate.

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Alisa Chirco // "Norma Jeane" - cover
Alisa Chirco // “Norma Jeane” – cover

Listen now to “Norma Jeane“, the latest single from Alisa Chirco, which is available on Spotify [ here ].