Covering fabulously the 1966 song ‘For What It’s Worth’ by Buffalo Springfield, the Texan singer-songwriter Alias Wayne has released his single ‘Gimme What It’s Worth’, taken from the 5-track album titled ‘Faux Pas’ signed with the pseudonym Ranzel X Kendricks.

Set into a musical aesthetic in which Wayne blends various genres, the track looks like a pop rock number in a freestyle folk groove that scenically refers to the Texan landscapes and atmospheres that are very dear to Wayne.

The western-style resonant touch, refined with taste, is here and there clad with the bluesy style of the original version, giving to the sound of the song a contemporary touch. By keeping things down to the essential, the track effectively exposes its somewhat raw and scratchy soul, making this a truly honest recording.

Developing on an increasingly engaging layered dynamic, and enhanced by an impeccable production quality, each element has its rightful place in the mix, bringing us a song with a melodically melancholic acoustic taste.

To find out more about Alias Wayne aka Ranzel X Kendricks, visit his website:

Alias Wayne // Faux Pas - album artwork
Alias Wayne // Faux Pas - album artwork