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Following the success of her 2022 debut album, “Le Olam,” and thickening her nomination for Best New Artist in the Canadian Folk Music Awards, Canada-based folk singer-songwriter Alex Krawczyk released her brand-new hybrid-folk single “Rhythm of the Road.”

The new work signed by the promising artist comes with 11 others from her critically acclaimed album, allowing the folk-pop artist ‘s Spotify streams to surpass the 300K stream mark.

As open as it is intricate, as light as it is enveloping,
“Rhythm of the Road” is a piece that gives light with its refreshing gust of clear air.

The call of the road as well as the need to go home are sealed in this metaphorical journey that invites self-reflection.

The fusion of acoustic guitar and Soprano Krawczyk’s full vocal range come together amiably in a country-inspired mix, where folk melodies crown the song’s silky delivery.

It’s hard not to find a hook with the exploration archetype here, as surely as many listeners will relate to the theme of inner turmoil and its resolution.

The single comes accompanied by an official lyric video. Check it out by visiting Alex Krawczyk’s official YouTube channel.

Written by Krawczyk and producer Robbie Roth, “Rhythm of the Road” features a talented lineup of musicians, including: Max Roach – drums, percussion, bass; Robbie Grunwald – piano, organ; Pete Lesperance – Guitar; Robbie Roth – Guitar, keyboards. The track was mixed and mastered by famous Canadian singer and producer Harry Hess.

Needless to say, there is magic to our ears here.

Listen now to Rhythm of the Road, the latest Video by Alex Krawczyk, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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