In ‘Get Out Alive’ the young Canadian singer-songwriter sings about a previous love that is now lost, as it has run its course, and is gripped by his reflection as he navigates his social anxiety and heartbreak, wondering if he will ever be the same again.

This is the swirling mix of emotions that Alex manages to arouse even in the coldest listener, passionate as he is in fearlessly expressing his genuine and disconsolate mood.

Yeah I know it takes some work sometimes
I’ll take all the pain and forget your lies
If I don’t leave now
I don’t know how I’ll get out alive tonight

The release of ‘Get Out Alive’, the debut single from Alex Frew, is accompanied by a lyric video available on the Alex Frew YouTube channel.

His sound and his emotive verses, imbued with a disarming anguish that feels passionately melancholic, resonate and hover on the notes of a typically adolescent journey, in which, even if you want to be alone, you cannot ignore the desire dwelling in every one of us, even in the not-so-young: being in love.

A happy ending, after all, that crowns the debut of a promising young artist, whom we are sure we will hear more about in the following.

For a contemporary, almost hypnotic pop, pleasant not only to the ears of the new generations.

Listen now to ‘Get Out Alive’, the debut single from Alex Frew, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. You can find your preferred one via

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