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A single with a sensorial appeal that involves the listener, the latest from Alex Costova takes root in the climate of everyday life and recalling active emotions, through the use of colorful and sincere language.

This is how the song penned by Alex Costova, a versatile artist from Boston, presents itself, founding its expression in the aestheticism of progressive pop.

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Singer, songwriter, composer, and pianist, Alex moved his first steps in the music world at the tender age of eight years, personally composing and writing lyrics and melodies.

Currently working under the Atlanta-based label and recording studio Loud House Audio, his latest work is the single titled “Don’t let me go”, a song designed in the technique of writing through images, which allows the listener to empathize with the sensory energy of the scenes described.

Consistent with the concept of the single, here the melody becomes a fundamental piece for complete immersion in what is organic flow, developed throughout the whole piece.

This is also understood by the choice to insert at the opening of the single, a mirror contrast between what is the musicality expressed by the instruments, to the intense and introspective noise, which only rain is able to play.

Rain is said to be an act of spiritual purification. So what other better natural atmospheric element to combine with a trace that, verse after verse, extends into a warm realization of the abstract in concrete?

“Don’t let me go,” is an invitation to go beyond, challenging all the barriers that oppose the beauty of feeling, and that try to annihilate that pure light that is often contaminated and confused with roots that do not come from the same tree.

In this trench, Costova is not afraid of eliminating rationality and abandoning the earthly part. He leaps into it, inside the song, naked and stripped of carnal interests, gazing towards the sweetness that remains, shadowed between the cracks of melancholy.

It is a question of not being afraid of what is the intrinsic nature of emotion, to let oneself be crossed, touched, and totally involved by it, just like under a flood.

The daily element appears over and over again in the piece and it can be found both in the form of narration, as in a temporal progression highlighted by the passages of elements that are described within the lyrics.

The invitation is to go further, not to stop at a disorienting listening but to filter ourselves, transporting our ego in a car ride, in one of those rainy days that make us feel a little more confident in letting the head free to roam lightly, lulled into the warm and empathetic embrace that the song manages to convey.

Being Alex a composer of both melodies and lyrics, the approach that is created with his music becomes something intimate and personal. This derives from the fusion of the two artistic spheres, which through different possibilities bring to the emotion not only a face but also a color, a melody, and a perfume.

Being able to create singles that involve all five senses is not such a predictable neither an obvious task. The perceptive vibrations given to the listener are directly proportional to the intensity with which they are released by the artist.

A perception sphere that with Alex Costova acquires a further element of fundamental importance, which is rarely synonymous with “reality”: the warmth, the impression of having already met, and feeling a little at home. 

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