Alan Dreezer is a talented singer and songwriter from Chelmsford, UK, who is passionate about exploring the pure vibes of R&B sound, with lush electronic-synth-pop influences.

To dig into the music of this remarkable artist, we chose to review his latest single What You Didn’t Say, which will also be featured on his forthcoming new album Healed, due for 2020.

With What You Didn’t Say Dreezer shows all his mastery as a craftsman of sound, thanks which gives the track a fresh and modern feeling. The lyrics are very easy to relate to, thanks to a linear and catchy melody, yet enriched with emotional words, which reach the listener’s soul.

Dreezer seems to be able to shape the sound waves as he pleases, turning them into Cupid’s arrows aimed straight at your heart.

Thanks to such colorful creativity, Dreezer gives the song an alternative and distinguishable twist, which overrides any attribution to a specific genre.

This is how What You Didn’t Say conveys the typical sound of yesterday’s musical genres, through the creative flair of a remarkable artist and a first-rate production. It is a mix of calibrated elements and careful details, which work in unison to give us a recognizable, contemporary and fresh sound.

As stated by Dreezer, London E12 is a bit the end of a chapter of his life and recording career, one of those moments when you take stock of the situation and draw your conclusions.
But if with London E12 this talented artist closes his first book, What You Didn’t Say is the first chapter of a whole new story, which will unfold in the much-awaited album Healed.
And if this is the premise, we can’t wait to discover it.

Alan Dreezer - What You Didnt Say - cover
Find out more about Alan Dreezer checking his website [ here ], and don’t miss other releases by this amazing singer-songwriter.

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