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Begun as a sharing of thoughts on being a part-time dad, the word “EQUAL” that Alan Dreezer chose for the title of his latest work is a definite warning that, in light of the critical events that have taken place in the last 12 months, has led on a relevance of ever more primary importance.

The global pandemic, The Black Lives Matter Movement, even the epigeal of the change of scene in the last American elections are certainly among the most recent factors that, we are sure, have led many of us to evaluate more carefully, if not to re-evaluate “on the upside,” the principles of equality and the need for change in the world at various levels.

Here the specialty offered by Dreezer is not something knowingly cooked at a table or planned according to a careful clickbait strategy, just to ring some hashtags of the most trending of the moment.

No sir. Here the spark is an Olympic torch, which shines with quiet firmness from the chest of a man, before that of the artist, who release after release proves to have a disarming morality, rectitude, and consistency as far as and how they are genuinely stripped.

This process of “humoral outing” ranges between causes of the past and consequences of the present, so Alan, in relating with what has been, demonstrates how the detoxification work passes first of all through ourselves.

Here then is that the healing process, the journey he is telling us as we approach the release of his album “Healed,” is a chronicle of today, rather than a chronological tale for its own sake.

Of course, even in “EQUAL,” there is a lot of his past. Yet, the song’s relatability with the most recent events leads to a different point of view. Care, the recognition of equality, comes to us in becoming actors and promoters of a culture inspired by benevolence, by love for others, ergo for the human family.

And it is with this kindness, as loving as it is soothing, that Dreezer makes us understand how much the hooked and sharp anger towards everything and everyone will find themselves more and more alone and isolated in their empty ivory towers of “chosen ones.”

It is a soothing message in association with the conduct of our daily life. Alan has already grasped its full value in unsuspected times, thanks to his sensitivity, and is now providing us with an important flowering of it here. To us the prize of being able to grasp it, and then replant it in our daily life.

"Equal," the latest Single by Alan Dreezer, will be released on Februrary 12th, 2021 in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can pre-save it on Spotify right here:

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