Elizabeth McCullough is a woman of many talents. Having started out as a professional photographer, she photographed many of the emerging bands in New York and New Jersey. That evolving music scene ended up infecting Elizabeth, who turned her visual arts into music, sounds and words.

“Thatched Roof Glass House” is the first release of Alpha Cat after a forced pause of over a decade, during which Elizabeth McCullough has faced and overcome various hardships and health problems. It was a real round-trip journey through the black hole that at one point tried to derail her life path.

Seven songs completed with the help of engineer and co-producer Jon Mattox, Fred Smith (Blondie, Television) also as co-producer, guitarist Doug Pettibone (Lucinda Williams, John Mayer), Reggie McBride (Elton John) and Chris Butler (The Waitresses) on bass, and Jason Harrison Smith on drums and co-production.

An unfortunate romantic relationship, the loss of her voice, a profound emotional and psychological crisis, which was followed by years of depression, hospitalization and treatments that gave no results: this was her outward journey.

But in 2013, thanks to an experimental medical treatment which gave her some relief from her afflictions, she took back control and decided to return to music.

Released on August 21st, this album has already made its debut in the national top 30 of the NACC Charts.

“Thatched Roof Glass House” is the fruit of Elizabeth McCullough’s determination, courage and tenacity. A dense and pervasive delivery of real life experiences, condensed into seven songs.

Loaded with passion, committed and stimulating, this is a record that, in the era of disposable music, deserves more than a hint of attention.

Elizabeth McCullough, aka Alpha Cat // "Thatched Roof Glass House" - artwork
Elizabeth McCullough, aka Alpha Cat // "Thatched Roof Glass House" - artwork

Listen now to “Thatched Roof Glass House” from Alpha Cat, which is available on Soundcloud [ here ] and follow Elizabeth McCullough on Facebook [ here ], Twitter [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].

.: Nova Music blog // October 2019