Aeria is an inspired, talented, and promising artist that trough her dreamy electro pop music delivers relevant and introspective calls that aim to provide genuine connections with people.

Classically trained violinist and jazz trained singer Aeria is an artist who amiably blends the many influences that inspire her, from Lana Del Rey to BANKS to Olafur Arnalds, just to name a few, giving light and depth in a distinctive way to her love for songwriting, and creating unique and captivating melodies.

Engaged with dedication and profusion as an audio engineer over the past five years, in sharing with us part of her artist background Aeria says: “My few years in production have taught me a lot about what it means to be a woman in a male dominated industry and I always strive to uplift women in music.”

The first of a string of songs that are in the pipeline to be released, ‘Let Me Go’ shows off with evocative aura all the authenticity and the feeling of immersion that Aeria is capable to cast and instill in you when you listen to her music.

Atmospherically infused with mellifluous waves that fluctuate between chill out and chill wave, ‘Let Me Go’ “is a song about trying to find closure at the end of a relationship, with the transition from childhood to adulthood in mind but in a way that, I hope, can be reinterpreted to be about whatever relationship end my listener may currently be experiencing or reflecting on” says Aeria about the genesis of her song.

She then continues: “My goal is for the song to wash over my listener and make them feel introspective. Music has always helped me get through the toughest periods of my life, and now I want to give back to help others get through whatever hardship they may be experiencing.

An artistically-designed introspective opening that moves between the folds of enveloping electro-synth pop nuances, ‘Let Me Go’ rises and sprouts, providing an impeccable entry point, to and for an artist with a definitely promising future ahead of her.

Listen now to ‘Let Me Go’, the debut single from talented and promising Canadian artist Aeria.

The release of the song, available for streaming on all major digital platforms, is accompanied by a lyric video and an official video, you can watch on Aeria Youtube channel.

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