Adeline Saive is a singer-songwriter from Motreal, Canada, who has been writing songs for a few years and who recently decided to make a leap into music by dedicating herself full time to it. Adeline’s debut comes in the form of the release of a fresh and catchy indie pop number, her single titled ‘Breathing Again’.

Moved by a mix of smooth sounds and engaging melodies, full of a sense of exquisite lightness and liveliness, Saive’s latest work is essentially a celebration of hope,“of new beginnings, about the joy of learning to love again, whether it’s romantically or not, perhaps simply learning to love life again!”

So Adeline introduces us to the theme of her song, then she continues: “I’ve found that to be relevant in my own life and love how others can share this sentiment and relate!”

Wanting to emphasize the idea that, when you have the courage and make the effort to push through, even if it means starting from scratch, you’ll always be rewarded in some way: an attitude that is very on point with our everyday lives and relatable for all of us, busy as we are having to adapt to new routines, if not even redefining our habits.

Distinguished by a special extravagant touch, ‘Breathing Again’ is imbued with a very airy feeling that links significantly to the theme of the song, developed through an intelligent transition that moves from a more pop sound and ends with a more evanescent aesthetic, offering us a captivating journey, from start to finish.

Definitely a feel-good kind of song, ‘Breathing Again’ delivers a symbolic parallelism between the lightness and freshness of learning to love again, and the light and brightness given by the melody and the instruments used, offering a breath of fresh air capable of oxygenating even the most difficult situation.

Listen now to ‘Breathing Again’, the debut single from Adeline Saive, available for streaming on Spotify.

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