With “Wild Ones” Canadian band Across the Board showcases all their creative ability, their personal musical approach and their recognizable sound.

The alternative rock that Across the Board plays in the 7 tracks of “Wild Ones” is surprisingly rich and thick, thanks to the different deliveries in which they express their creative identity.

Perfectly consistent in its entirety, “Wild Ones” sounds clear and rich, full of hits from top to bottom, with catchy melodies and easy-to-relate-to lyrics.

What Across the Board did with this album deserves to be considered, in all its vast magnificence, as their most sophisticated and distinctive release to date.

Across the Board // "Wild Ones" - artwork
Across the Board // “Wild Ones” – artwork

Besides the vocal performance of Jacqueline, which is very warm and full of feelings, the choirs stand out, effective and natural. These peculiarities shape a naturally compact and pleasantly organic sound paste.

For those who haven’t listened to Across the Board yet, “Wild Ones” is the perfect starting point to appreciate every single facet of their extraordinary artistic figure. A point of arrival, which represents the beginning of a recording career from which we expect great things.

Vibrant, fresh and contemporary. These are Across the Broad in “Wild Ones.”

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