The Origin Point

Founder and editor of Nova MUSIC blog, Gabriele Filippi is a musician, composer, producer, copywriter, blogger, video-maker and brand consultant, with over 20 years of experience. He completed tens of thousands of projects.

In 2017 he decided to combine all his skills inside Nova MUSIC blog. It’s a project designed and planned over the years, which aims to bring music back to the center of attention, now live for everyone on

What Now

We all know the contemporary ‘Zeitgeist’ of the music industry. The widely shared consensus is that the digital era destroyed the music industry. But in truth the music industry hasn’t been destroyed, it simply has changed. And as Gabriele says:

There’s never been a better time to move into it.

Music engagement in the social media era
Music engagement in the social media era

Nova MUSIC blog is about music, from novice to emerging groups to it artists – singers, songwriters, and bands too. It’s about sharing knowledge about talented musicians, their music, and their stories.

We feature descriptive, engaging and thought-provoking articles, that will help artists get their music some exposure and enhance their press kits. Reviews, feature, interviews, and many more, to allow a wider audience to discovery new talented, rising stars of the music scene.

You’ll discover artists that are starting to move the needle or who will soon become a touchstone in the music scene.

Find them now on Nova MUSIC blog.

We also curate NOVA ERA, a playlist on Spotify, YouTube, and Soundcloud, that we are so proud of.

It is comprised of artists and bands that we have featured on our blog. For each artist on it, you can find a review of their music on the site.

We update the playlist each week and fill it with the best new music releases – absolute bangers!