Embellished with colors that develop between the folds of dance and pop, ‘Chase The Rhythm’ is the new work of the talented Lithuanian artist Aaron Fross. Through this uplifting and liberating track, the inspired singer-songwriter spreads the positivity and the uniqueness of her musical delivery.

Keeping us constantly entertained and grounded to a compelling listening experience that also plays as a truly danceable tune, ‘Chase The Rhythm’ is a characteristic opportunity to freely explore the musical vision that Aaron is able to evoke with uniqueness.

Driven by beautiful vocals that will give you goosebumps, the song is moved forward by vintage vibes and enthralling rhythms, and sounds like something that will steal you away to a different reality.

Speaking about the artwork, Aaron says: “The mask represents the responsibility we have as listeners. The “mask” is nothing without someone wearing it, so it’s only alive with the essence of the person underneath.” Then she continues, talking about the song: “We chase the rhythm and the norms, but we also break and change it, because we are the mask and not the other way around. And that’s what gives the song meaning, it’s about our right to be ourselves and in that way shape the world.”

‘Chase The Rhythm’ was recorded in Aaron home studio and it was produced by electronic music artist Baba Ki. “This is our first collaboration and definitely not the last, we are currently working on a bunch of other tracks that I am very excited to finish and share.” Saying so Aaron does nothing but ignite our interest on her future releases, and we hope to be able to hear her new works soon.

Listen now to ‘Chase The Rhythm’, the brand-new single by Aaron Fross, available for streaming on Bandcamp and Spotify, and accompanied by the official lyric video available on Aaron Fross Youtube channel.

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