Anna Belle // Tokyo

Anna Belle is an  R&B synthpop artist based in Nashville, TN, who writes, produces, mixes and releases her music, all independently. Distinguished by an alternative style with a retro taste, her music passes through analog production, exciting performances and carefully conceptualized videos. She already boasts a total of 900 commissioned recording projects and also hosts a music livestream show, watched daily by thousands of people internationally. In 2018, she was featured in the regionally syndicated late night show The Mystery Hour, while in 2019 she performed at Playlist Live Orlando.

The electric piano that opens ‘Tokyo’ has an adorable dreamy touch, perfect introduction to an alt-pop ballad with a lo-fi taste, where Anna Belle gradually adds in backing vocals, strings and synths, to make the song blossom into a broad choral ending. Airy and candid, Anna Belle’s work is characterized by the original and unique delivery that she manages to set up with grace and transport.

Soft and full of feeling, Anna’s new work represents a further step forward in the artistic maturity of this talented artist, allowing her to expand her artistic range with exquisite coherence and organicity.

Anna Belle

We hope our readers from Nashville won’t take offense and just agree when we say that Anna Belle’s music shouldn’t be confined to a restricted geographical area. It’s music made to be listened to everywhere, all over the world, meeting the taste of many new listeners.

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Latir // Blue Roses

London-based R&B artist Latir stands out for his avant-garde style. The artist defines himself as “an old soul with the expression of a young spirit”, capable of ranging between hip-hop, indie and electronic music. Among his influences the artist cites names of the caliber of Chet Baker, Nick Hakim, Nat King Cole, and many others.

By combining melodies and narrations inspired by old school jazz, Latir brings us his latest work, the single titled ‘Blue Roses’, a romantic and delicate infusion with rhythms and synths ranging from RnB to new age.

The result is a track with melancholic sounds, through which Latir transmits one of the most inspired versions of his artistic signature. As Latir himself says:

“I wrote this song about having an intensely beautiful moment with a lover whilst far from home, then having to suddenly leave them behind at the apex of it all… that feeling when you’ve had something perfect taken away from you by circumstance!”

With ‘Blue Roses’ Latir effortlessly gives us a delicate and shining gem. A timeless enveloping melody, which sounds like a candid caress on the face of your loved one.

‘Blue Roses’ is accompanied by an official video, available on Latir’s Youtube channel. The single is already available in streaming on Soundcloud and Spotify. You can also catch Latir live at Colors, Hoxton, on May 15th.

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Altamina // Take Over the Sea

After the release of their latest album ‘Tomorrow Morning Will Be Tonight’, recorded and mixed with Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Handsome Furs, Wolf Parade), the Canadian band Altamina returns to the music scene by announcing a new EP, their first released since 2016, that’s expected to be published by the end of the year.

The band has decided to come back with a new release, showing the result of an artistic growth that has seen them personally involved in the production and mixing of their project. In their studio in Montreal, Francois Graham (vocals, synths and keys), Roxanne Miller (bass), Matt Davis (drums) and Marco Gervais (guitar), put into practice everything they had learned along the way.

The result is an advanced and refined version of their musical skills and abilities, showcased through the title track taken from the expected EP. Brilliant example of their new sound, the single ‘Take Over the Sea’ is the perfect introduction of Altamina’s next EP. A song that stands out not only for its original dynamic progression but also for the quality of writing, composition and recording.

Discover now the new Altamina sound. Listen to ‘Take Over the Sea’, available on Spotify [ here ].

To not miss the release of their next EP, follow Altamina on Facebook [ here ] and check their website [ here ].

Altamina // Take Over The Sea - artwork
Altamina // Take Over The Sea - artwork

Radio Free Universe // Love

Coming March 27, 2020, ‘Love’ is the latest album from the band Radio Free Universe. Written and produced by Mark McMaster and George Panagopoulos at Sanctuary Recording Studio, the album is scheduled to have CD and vinyl releases for the end of the year, on Jetpack Records with distribution by The Orchard.

‘Love’ shapes up to be a fresh and irresistible blend with a contemporary sound, with which Radio Free Universe promises to transmit all the richness of their creative approach, ranging from rock to alternative, from funk to pop.

To introduce the captivating sound of ‘Love’, the band, formed by George Panagopoulos (vocals, guitar), Steve Pelletier (bass), Adam Neumann (guitar), Ashton Norman (drums) and Vincent Sciara (keys), has already released the two singles ‘Even Angels’ and ‘She’s High Again’, which together exceeded 260K streams on Spotify. These will be followed on February 28 by ‘Love Right Now’, available as a standalone single, or as a free track if you pre-order the album. You can pre-save the song here

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Radio Free Universe // Love - album artwork
Radio Free Universe // Love - album artwork

DJ Paula Frost // Oxygen Tank

Japan, New Zealand, Croatia, Russia, Cambodia and Vietnam. These are just some of the 14 countries where DJ Paula Frost performed between 2017 and 2018, in an epic world tour during which she not only performed at live gigs, but also broadcasted a radio show.

A London-based international DJ, this talented young artist has performed in over 100 venues across the UK, and has a weekly radio show on Kane 103.7 FM, one of the main stations in the British community with 5,000 listeners.

Now DJ Paula Frost is launching her debut single ‘Oxygen Tank’, an atmospheric and suggestive dance number that is vibrant and adrenaline-laden. Mixed in a drum’n’bass and rave key, it sounds like the perfect soundtrack to highlight the effervescent momentum that the artist has gained.

To be released on March 20, the track is already in pre-order on iTunes [ here ] and Apple music [ here ], and is accompanied by an official video containing some footage from Paula’s world tour, captured by Jamie Oliver of Sharktooth Media.

DJ Paula Frost // Oxygen Tank - artwork
DJ Paula Frost // Oxygen Tank - artwork

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Lijo // Stranger Danger

Final episode of the two-part project ‘My Every Part’, ‘Stranger Danger’ is the latest work by the talented and creative Dutch artist Lijo. Characterized by her literate songwriting, the song talks about being proud of what you are, regardless of the expectations or judgment of others. As Lijo herself explains: “I feel everybody is on an island or in a bubble more than ever – it definitely is easier to get in touch with people,but in the meantime it is also easier to watch, compare,judge and assume without really connecting. Though thevideo is quirky and has a light feel to it, it only representsthe sugar coating of a more serious thing – something that Ifeel is going on a lot these days. I think it’s important toremain both true to yourself and open towards others.

The song is an interesting composition with an avant-garde twist, which conveys a sense of emotional optimism, silhouetted against a darker and cynical background, hybridizing an alternative synth pop sound. At first glance playful and carefree, under its sugarcoated surface the song contains an important social and relationship theme. This dissonance is reflected in an even more permeating way when the two media are side by side: the combination of the video and the song creates a sort of non-explicit parallelism that reflects the thematic duality of this release.

Filled with an inspiring charm and a characteristic visionary creativity, Lijo amazes, enchants and magnetizes like few others, emerging with a work that has captured all our attention.

To find out more about Lijo and her music:

Near Mrs // Catch Of The Day

Formed in November 2018, Near Mrs are an emerging young band with a promising future. They played on the main stage of Rock City as finalists of the Future Sound of Nottingham competition, won the People’s Choice award at the Nottingham Trent Battle of the Bands and soared through the Cambridge NMG unsigned chart. They already have three singles that have exceeded 25,000 streams on all digital platforms.

Their latest published work is ‘Catch Of The Day’, a rock song with a fresh and genuine sound, nuanced with a personal touch in indie and alternative style which, as Near Mrs tells us, is about knowing that the person with whom you have an on-again, off-again relationship will always come back to you, because despite everything else you two have .

The launch of ‘Catch Of The Day’ is an important moment for Near Mrs and sees them involved in pushing a demanding promotional campaign, which includes the creation of shirts, CDs, vinyls and even a music video.

To find out more about Near Mrs and their music, check the links below:

Near Mrs // Catch Of The Day - single cover

I Want Poetry // Growing Pains

Growing Pains is the new track by the enigmatic indie duo I Want Poetry. It is a deeply empathic description, full of passion and inner tension, generated by the encounter between the impulse to change and nostalgic desire.

Developed on a cyclic piano loop that seems to want to endlessly twist itself, the notes of Growing Pains seem to arise from a faraway place, setting up with poetic vision the atmosphere of an otherworldly land, a sort of no-man’s-land that lies far beyond our daily horizon.

Through their vibrant and suggestive Growing Pains the duo I Want Poetry gives us a magnificent, ethereal, delicate, and touching listening experience. In this exquisite fusion of styles in modern key indie pop, neoclassical and ambient elements break and merge. Through dynamic development and a touching vocal performance, this fine workmanship brings with it a special and truly wide expressive richness.

In it we find that sense of inevitability that often accompanies every moment of personal growth with painful transport. And it is in this permeating empathetic hook that the peculiar and edifying pulsing poetry rises, capable of making us aware of the fact that while we fight, discarding the skin of our old self, we are reborn, more powerful than before.

Harmoniously and stylistically surprising, Growing Pains is something we are sure we will hear more about. One of the most exciting discoveries of this early 2020.

To find out more about I Want Poetry and to discover all their music, visit the following links:

I Want Poetry // Growing Pains - artwork
I Want Poetry // Growing Pains - artwork

Vladrumetz // Leave Me

Vladrumetz is an experimental solo artist, singer, songwriter and passionate keyboard player, who started producing his own music in 2014 in his small home recording studio in southern Germany.

Raised in the 80s, influenced by artist such as Depeche Mode, Simple Minds and Talk Talk, Vladrumetz mainly creates electronic music that, thanks to his alternative drifts, ranges between darkwave, synthpop and deep house. As Vladrumetz himself tells us: “As somebody who just makes music as a hobby, I`m not following any commercial rule or intention. But I love creating sonic atmospheres that reflect the mood that I felt at the time of writing.”

In preparation for the imminent launch of his next 5-track EP ‘Leave Me’, expected for the end of February 2020, Vladrumetz has released the single that gives the title to the EP itself. In the single ‘Leave Me’, accompanied also by an official music video, Vladrumetz shows all the atypical nature of his creative vein, decidedly distant from the clichés of commercial music.

To find out more about this upcoming artist: 

Vladrumetz // Leave Me - cover
Vladrumetz // Leave Me - cover

Amadante // A Perfect Day

Amadante is an emerging pianist and songwriter who creates music with a strong and melodic pop rock style. Through a colorful, passionate and radiant sound, Amadante offers intimate and confessional musical deliveries, making his way into the listener’s soul, becoming a familiar part of daily life.

Having started studying the piano as a child, Amadante then moved away from musical life for a long time. His passion for the piano re-emerged unexpectedly after purchasing an electronic keyboard for his son’s fourth birthday.

This is how Amadante rediscovered that spark that revived and rekindled his creative fire, leading him to go back to studying the piano and spontaneously creating new melodies and new songs.

In the wake of this artistic momentum, Amadante has published a series of melodies that emerged from the movement of his fingers on the piano, transformed into complete songs.

Among these we find ‘A Perfect Day’, a solar and uplifting single, in which we find all the creative positivity that guides Amadante as he writes his music. Perfect soundtrack to start our day, the song is enjoyable thanks to the simple and genuine way in which it conveys proactivity. It’s the kind of song we might hear on the radio, as we are about to face a day that promises to be the perfect one.

Find out more about Amadante and his latest releases:

Amadante // A Perfect Day - artwork
Amadante // A Perfect Day - artwork
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