From Copenhagen, Denmark, seventeen-year-old musician 9inea9 has just released his single titled “Ootw“, a song through which he sets up a rap mix that spans the traps and emo styles.

As explained by 9inea9 himself: “Ootw talks about everything that people feel committed to and devote themselves to in their lives. At the same time it is also a tribute to the cousin of L1M1T, the artistwho collaborated in the writing of this song, who recently lost his life, after having been in a coma for 7 days due to a car accident”.

With “Ootw9inea9 transmits a whole vision of the theme of the song that leads to dark, melancholic and reflective drifts. The song and the vocal are emphasized by a blend in which a pervasive use of autotune spreads over reminiscent harmonies and backing vocal, and minimal rhythms.

While “Ootw” is already available on SpotifyDistrokid and Genius, 9inea9 already has a new single of upcoming release, titled “Legends Fall“, ready to drop.

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9nea9 // "Ootw" - single artwork
9nea9 // "Ootw" - single artwork