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From rising artist 6$LUM come Level Up and The Curse, two rapturing hip-hop numbers, anticipation of an upcoming EP expected in July.

6$LUM is the stage name of emerging hip-hop artist Jason Rouse. Born in Columbia, South Carolina, the rapper debuts in 2021 and has already amassed an impactful catalog.

Beginning to rape on the inspirational drive transmitted to him by his cousins, today, 6$LUM strives to establish himself as a leading rapper in the music industry.

He has so far dropped a total of 7 singles, totaling tens of thousands of twirls and spins across multiple platforms. Between these two are the numbers that have allowed him more than others to get noticed by hip-hop fans all over the world.

We are talking about the two tunes titled Level Up and The Curse. Although two numbers seemingly settled at the extremes of the 6$LUM creative landscape, these two pieces function as stubborn sides of the same coin.

It is a streamlined and quick delivery, but not frugal, which finds inspiration not only in a single source. Effortless and free from intricate convulsions, that of 6$LUM is a caustic but not harsh rhyming flow.

From the synthetic colors of The Curse to the grime liveries of Level Up, there is so much to discover in these two works, especially if you are looking for a psychedelically deferred vision of hip-hop.

Listen now to Level Up and The Curse, the singles signed by 6$LUM, available in streaming on all major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via


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