5ofclubs, a new EDM electronic pop artist faithful to the ethics of the 100 hours of work per week, is making a name for himself, even if he remains anonymous in his true identity. What for sure isn’t lacking in personality is his music, through which he flaunts increasingly defined and refined skills and talent, as a reflection of that creative driving force that 5ofclubs is experiencing in his life.

About this driving momentum, 5ofclubs says: “I was inspired by the way electronic music made me feel and how it could take my mind off everything going on in my head. I eventually couldn’t find any more songs that I liked. So, I decided that I’m going to learn how to make stuff I like and then I got hooked on it.”

This is how, after a series of singles released since 2019, the debut EP of 5ofclubs arrives on the market, giving the artist the chance to showcase all his creative artistic maturity, bringing to the table a collection of 5 compelling tracks that are all about him, as the self-declarative title ‘I Am 5ofclubs’ suggests.

Roaring synths, vibrant and vehement harmonies, dance floor rhythms, and full, saturated and well-balanced mixes are just some of the exciting ingredients that make ‘I Am 5ofclubs’ an interesting addition any daily playlist, and put 5ofclubs in the list of artists to keep your eye on in the future.

5ofclubs // I Am 5ofclubs
5ofclubs // I Am 5ofclubs
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