Gothic Alt-Rock Folk band 49 Burning Condorsis plunges us into folklore, shadows, and echoes of an ancestral past, gone in time but still vivid.

49 Burning Condors is a southern gothic folk band based out of Philadelphia, PA. Made up of a hodgepodge of souls, the group is comprised of vocalist and lyricist Kimber Dulin, guitarist Chris Tremoglie, drummer Jason Gooch, violinist Sasha Ki, and bassist Zach Rinck.

Inspired by the storytelling techniques of Tom Waits, the deep, rolling lulls of Johnny Cash, and the otherworldliness of Karen Elson and Chelsea Wolfe, their music is meant to fracture reality with songs depicted as miniature horror stories about rotten loves, sharpshooters, judges, and martyrs.

Their acoustic style, simple but certainly not banal or obvious, is reminiscent of a folklore handed down from tradition to tradition, made slightly twisted and darker by stories of ghosts, good-for-nothing witches, and sinful cowboys.

Perfectly chiseled into this inspired vision, we selected “Marigold Lake,” the lead single off of their brand-new 6-track EP “Truths and Roses.”

Inspired by the myth of Mycal, one of the first witches recorded in history that was known for calling the moon out of the sky, the song is a visceral and primordial excursus that squirms, struggles, and grows on the band’s vibrant stylistic edge.

The birth of the sorceress will be completed when our young female protagonist will realize her gift, will marry the earth, and will find fulfillment in a pinnacle of primeval coining.

Listen now to "Marigold Lake," the latest Single by 49 Burning Condors, available in streaming on all major digital platforms.

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