Bobbo Byrnes // “Angelia”

From the album “Two Sides To This TownBobbo Byrnes stands out with the single “Angelia“, a song with a rock heart, with a wide uptime groove that goes beyond the genuine Americana.

Passionate and with a soft sound in the contours but determined in the root, with “Angelia” Byrnes offers to us an authentic and enlightening number, in which the harmony between music and lyrics creates a pervasive coherence.

Speaking of “Angelia” Bobbo explains: “Angelia is my song about looking for inspiration and hope in our divided world. Growing up in a small town I was surrounded by small town thinking and if it didn’t happen in your own front yard then it didn’t really matter and challenging that thinking. Angelia is the muse, the spark, the thing that makes you do something, anything.”

Bobbo Byrnes is practically a one man band, capable of dealing with most of the instrumentation – guitars, keyboards, pedal steel, mandolin and vocals – which with “Angelia” gives us performances that enrich and deepen the song itself.

To get in touch with Bobbo Byrnes and discover all his music, follow him on Instagram [ here ] and visit his official website [ here ].

Bobbo Byrnes // "Two Sides To This Town" - album cover
Bobbo Byrnes // “Two Sides To This Town” – album cover

Listen now to “Angelia“, the single from Bobbo Byrnes‘s album “Two Sides To This Town“, available on Spotify [ here ], Soundcloud [ here ] and YouTube [ here ].

Bizza Caviar // “Chandelaire Thunder”

Under the aegis of the musical artists management company Caviar Industries, the singer-songwriter Bizza Caviar stands out with his hip-hop melodies, written aboard his rented yachts during the year.

With his creative flair Bizza is focused on providing through his music an in-depth thought process, centered on the feeling of peace that the tranquil waters of the ocean can gift.

Inspired by the breezes and the waves, Bizza wrote his latest album titled “Chandelaire Thunder“, a release made of 6 tracks, which Nova Music blog had the opportunity to preview.

With “Chandelaire Thunder” Bizza gives us a music based on some elements that recall elegance and sophistication. Its sonorities resound visionary, sometimes ethereal and dreamy, in which we find reminiscences that sometimes refer to the vastness and depth of the ocean from which Bizza was inspired.

Don’t miss the album “Chandelaire Thunder“, just released from Bizza Caviar and Caviar Industries on Tidal [ here ] and Soundcloud [ here ].

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 Bizza Caviar //  "Chandelaire Thunder" - EP artwork
Bizza Caviar // “Chandelaire Thunder” – EP artwork

S.till C.arry O.n (SCO) // “Problems”

Native of Yonkers, raised in New York, emerging artist S.till C.arry O.nSCO for short – has been rapping for over 15 years.

Standing out from most of the artists, popular or not, SCO is continuing to develop his style in a unique way, writing conscious music with the aim of making listeners deeply reflect on life.

As SCO explains: “I make music that glorifies God and elevates my higher self in a positive light. I focus on the most relevant aspects, which fascinate the eye, of my real life experiences. After my grandfather’s death in 2003, I discovered my God-given talent, and I started using it to write inspiring music, to lift and encourage everyone who suffers through daily struggles.”

After over 7 albums and several collaborations with many artists, last November SCO released “Problems“, a single featuring Dre Goodz that anticipates his upcoming album “Love Is Stronger Than Blood“, to be released in the summer of 2020.

Just one month after its release “Problems” has already met with some success, surpassing the 1,500 views on YouTube, which together with the positive feedback from SCO fans can only reinforce the importance of the message contained in this release.

S.till C.arry O.n (SCO)
S.till C.arry O.n (SCO)

Listen now to “Problems“, the latest single from S.till C.arry O.n (SCO), available on his YouTube channel [ here ].

To keep in touch with S.till C.arry O.n, and discover more about this upcoming artist, check now his social profiles and follow SCO on Facebook [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].

Beautifully fulfilling and intimately vibrant: this is Todd Underwood with his new album “Reflectings Acustico”

Like a wonderful rainbow, with “Reflectings Acustico” Todd Underwood traces a creative parabola with which he embraces and emphasizes the steps he has taken to build his musical career in these past years

With extreme talent and skills at his disposal, Todd Underwood is a multi-instrumentalist that has vast expertise in guitar, bass and vocals. Recording engineer, mix and master engineer, as well as active producer, Todd has released fifteen albums to date, many with bands he has collaborated with.

Member of countless bands, he played with the bass player from Sly and Family Stone and shared the stage with Mark Farner of the Grand Funk Railroad. In 1988 he answered an ad in the San Diego Reader and thus won a spot for music for a BMX video. From there, Todd wrote theme songs for commercials and TV series, many of which can still be heard today.

In 2017 he began to publish music under his name. His first release, “Unfortunate Day”, is the culmination of many years of songs recorded from 2001 onwards, which had not been used in other projects, and which resided on a hard drive, with the expectation of a future release.

With his follow-up “When I Took My Watch Off“, Underwood addressed issues and problems of life, such as aging and the emotional dynamics of children who become grown-up adults. The title track in particular is a tribute to Todd’s father, a song meant to highlight his very personal emotional journey. “Color and Contrast“, his third release, dealt with empathy, regret, hope and, more generally, spiritual challenge. Last but not least comes “Reflectings Acustico“. For this album, Underwood has chosen to do something different from his usual material, where rock, punk and metal collide and mingle.

It is in fact a completely organic acoustic release, in which, as Todd himself explains, “everything is real and hand played, without any copy and paste in the recording process. This made me really focus on the songwriting, playing, singing, harmonizing, and the lyrics.”

“The album is nautically themed and the lyrics concentrate on relationships,” continues Todd, “and I let the lyrics take me where they wanted to go, in some cases a song took on a completely different meaning.”

With its 11 tracks, “Reflectings Acustico” is a deeply vibrant and at the same time gently delicate listening experience, which offers us harmonic and melodic developments that are refined in their construction and purposeful deconstruction.

The heterogeneous richness offered by percussion instruments is no less important, and Todd confirms he dedicated a long time searching for these instruments, carefully selecting each of them from various parts of the country for use in this album.

With the sum of all these peculiar factors, in “Reflectings Acustico” Underwood sets up a kaleidoscopic opus, in which the nuances of all his creativity blend harmoniously, giving us a splendidly exquisite album. A perfect setting in which Todd shows and highlights his artistic depth in its entirety.

Todd Underwood // "Reflectings Acustico" - album artwork
Todd Underwood // “Reflectings Acustico” – album artwork

Join Todd Underwood along his musical journey. Listen now to his latest album, “Reflectings Acustico“, available on:
Spotify [ + ] – Apple Music [ + ]
Deezer [ + ] – Pandora [ + ]
Bandcamp [ + ]

To find out more about Todd Underwood, follow him on his socials:
Facebook [ here ] and Twitter [ here ]

Raymond Revel // “Endlessly”

Raymond Revel is an American singer and songwriter originally from Burbank in California, with years of experience behind him, having participated in a variety of musical contexts.

He started playing the piano by ear at 5 years old, and by the age of 11 he was already writing complete songs. Over the years he has participated as lead singer in a band, has led multiple a cappella groups, performed with various choirs, and has served as a background singer for several celebrities, including Demi Lovato, Pharrell, Little Big Town, and many others .

With dozens of projects already released, Raymond is using the experience gained on the field to showcase a sound and an approach to the music that is unique and authentic.

Genuine and without excesses, Raymond’s creative touch is the perfect underlining, devoid of complex elaborations, to narrate his musical stories.

Precisely with his latest single titled “Endlessly“, Raymond gives us a perfect example of this. Poetic and narrative, “Endlessly” is about loving someone beyond the limits of time. This is a song capable of providing comfort on this theme and exquisitely directed to the heart of the listener.

Simple, almost basic in its construction, “Endlessly” moves on the delicacy of plucked arpeggios. A gentle swinging, on which the vocal softly lie down, among which that of Raymond stands out for the gentle and delicacy that he is able to express with his performance.

To find out more about Raymond Revel visit his official website [ here ] and follow him on his social networks: Facebook [ here ], Instagram [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].

Raymond Revel
Raymond Revel

The release of “Endlessly” is also accompanied by
the official lyrics video, available on
Raymond’s official YouTube channel [ here ]

Listen now to “Endlessly“, the latest single from Raymond Revel, which is available on your favorite digital platform [ here ].

The Godfada // “X-Rated”

Out of space and time, the upcoming underground hip-hop and rap artist The Godfa comes out with his new single titled “X-Rated“.

The Godfada aka Da’Quarius Lett is an independent artist signed for Mousiki Entertainment LLC, driven by music for years, starting from his first grade, influenced by the vibrations of artists like Bad Boys for Life and inspired by others like T-Pain.

Focused on managing his depression, to come to him and refocus it on his music, with “X-RatedThe Godfada gives us a visionary song, with ethereal and dreamy sound reminiscences, building a dark and deep atmosphere. A real chance to get in touch with the bizarre side of this artist, his true feelings and his experiences.

Listen now to “X-Rated“, the latest single from emerging artist The Godfada, available on Spotify [ here ].

The Godfada // "X-Rated" - cover
The Godfada // “X-Rated” – cover

To discover all the music of The Godfada, follow him on his socials: Facebook [ here ] and Instagram [ here ].

Rob Alexander // “Being Myself”

After the simple and elegant listening experience he offered us with his debut album “Long Road Coming Home”, Rob Alexander returns to the indie pop music scene with his new album “Being Myself”

With his second long form work anesthesiologist Rob Alexander shows once more all his warm and inviting style, marked by his captivating voice. Speaking of his style, Rob describes it as “a contemporary classic for adults”, a stylistic choice that carefully and intentionally points back to the most iconic and representative melodic tracks from the ’80s.

Released last November, “Being Myself” is a collection made up only of original songs: ballads and more Rock numbers, ranging from pop to funk, to R&B.

Among the fifteen tracks of “Being Myself“, the first one we’d like to mention is the first single extracted from it: “Never Gonna Let You Go“. The song is currently receiving airtime on the radio and being praised by critics; it is an exquisitely composed, arranged and executed track that’s capable of evoking a deep and heartfelt feeling of nostalgia. This is not a coincidence, as Rob wrote this piece after the loss of a dear friend, earlier this year.

As the title suggests, “Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic)” is linked to the iconic star. In this song that is going to be released as a single next January, we find once again the same remarkable attention to production we felt in “Never Gonna Let You Go“, this time praiseworthy because of the delicacy and care used to create an organic and passionate song.

In the ballad “Our Love Will Last Forever” Rob impeccably takes the role of narrator of a pure, genuine and sincere love story. Beautifully sunny, thanks to his vocal performance Rob Alexander spreads the wings of that unique feeling that is love.

Rob Alexander // "Being Myself" - album cover
Rob Alexander // “Being Myself” – album cover

Thanks to the creative twists showcased in this album, Rob Alexander is also capable of giving us numbers with an engaging beat, such as the enthralling “Secrets & Lies” or the rhythmic “We’re Living in a Dream“. It’s simply impossible not to follow their pace.

With “Being MyselfRob Alexander follows his artistic path, brilliantly opened with his debut album “Long Road Coming Home“. Once again, he does not limit himself to setting up a mere revival of old reminiscences. Rather, he defines his vibrant musical vision even more characteristically with each album.

Rob Alexander // "Friend of Mine (Elton's Epic)" - single cover
Rob Alexander // “Friend of Mine (Elton’s Epic)” – single cover

Although based on the familiar sounds of the most typical music of the ’80s, the sound of “Being Myself” is engaging and characteristic, and allows Rob to make his musical delivery even more distinctive. This is something he had already started doing with his debut album, and this release makes it all even more profound, detailed, relevant and pervasive.

Recorded in Los Angeles, “Being Myself” is produced by Gabe Lopez, a producer who had already collaborated with Rob Alexander on his debut album.

The coherence, the organicity and the clarity in the vision of what musical delivery this album wants to offer, are so well realized it’s disarming.

These are evidences we find in the care put forward not only in Rob’s vocal performance, but also in the construction of the arrangements and in the mastery put into managing the layers of sounds, instruments and backing vocals.

Although very different from each other, “I-O-U” and “Another Love Affair” are two obvious examples of how the sum of all these elements can really elevate the way a song plays to excellence.

With about an hour of music, “Being Myself” is a beautifully made album, using which Rob Alexander satisfies us while exploring feelings and sensations in an expressive and emotional way, as seen through the colors of the ’80s and the richness of the most contemporary vibrations .

Listen now to “Being Myself“, the new album by Rob Alexander, available on Spotify [ here ] and Hearnow [ here ].

To stay in touch with Rob Alexander, follow him on his socials: Facebook [ here ] and Twitter [ here ].

GT_Ofice // “Live My Life” ft. Amber

Caine Sheppard is a DJ, music producer and actor from New York City. Performed in major clubs from Miami, Vegas, to New York, Sheppard is building his own path in the music industry with the stage name GT_Ofice.

At the beginning of November 2019, Caine released his first single “Live My Life” on the major music platforms, an EDM number featuring Amber‘s lyrics and vocal. In just a month “Live My Life” has already totaled tens of thousands of streaming.

With a captivating sound and an engaging rhythm, “Live My Life” is a motivating song, which with its lyrics deals with themes such as self-confidence and motivation, which push you to live your life.

GT_Ofice is already working with other emerging artists on new upcoming tracks for the rest of 2019 and through 2020.

Listen now to “Live My Life“, the first single from GT_Ofice, available on Spotify [ here ], Apple Music [ here ] and Amazon [ here ].

Find out more about GT_Ofice on his official website [ here ] and follow him on Instagram [ here ].

GT_Ofice // "Live My Life" ft. Amber - single cover
GT_Ofice // “Live My Life” ft. Amber – single cover

Rachard // “Clarity”

The Louisiana-based artist Rachard introduces himself to the world with his new debut single titled “Clarity“, giving us a musical delivery that sounds like an honest and introspective personal reflection.

Developed on a lush sound carpet colored by jazz and hip-hop veins, with his “ClarityRachard tells, with conscious awareness, of vulnerabilities and life problems, enchanting us with a production that stands out for its care and organic consistency.

In “Clarity” the flow created by Rachard‘s lyrics and vocal performance is perfectly balanced on the pulsating sinuosity of the beat, with delicate intrusions of ethereal backing vocals, rhythmic riffs and long suspensions that widen the breath of the song.

Listen now to “Clarity“, the new debut single by Rachard, which is available on Soundcloud [ here ], and keep in touch with this up and coming talented artist, following him on Instagram [ here ].

Rachard // "Clarity" - cover
Rachard // “Clarity” – cover

Fighting through setbacks to rise above life and industry abuses

She is J. Irja The Sexy Psycho, delivering her “real” rap, with lyrics based on her true life experiences

One encounter with J. Irja The Sexy Psycho and you’ll never forget her 5’0” dynamite frame that dons a striking head tattoo and boasts a powerhouse of rapid-fire, catchy lyrics and captivating stage presence.

Arguably one of the most lyrically complex and creative unsigned female rappers in the current hip-hop industry, her fans liken her to a “white girl Tech N9ne” and “female Eminem.”

Platinum Producer DJ Pain 1 co-signs her performance by stating “J. Irja shuts down the stage – every time.”

Influenced by artists as Eminem and Tech N9ne, J. Irja decided to use struggle and pain as motivation and show to others they can overcome anything in life.

Came from homelessness and severe poverty, even eating out of a garbage, J. Ira overcame alcoholism and life pains.

“Survivor” is the latest single from J. Irja

Her performance and music are both captivating, but perhaps the most intriguing thing about J. Irja is her music is all inspired but her real life. In her own words “EVERYTHING I rap is real, I’ve either been through it or seen it. I don’t do fake, I don’t do ‘Wishlist Rapping’” 

The pain in her music comes from a lifetime of struggling, of turning nothing into something. She grew up in Canada in a poverty-stricken 7 person home and turned to small side hustles to help put food on the table. A major head injury in 5th grade caused major set-backs both mentally and socially for her, and she became an outcast.

She shaved her head and joined the wrestling team, and after her parents disapproval, she went on to cheerleading. It was obvious that she was torn within between her masculine and feminine sides and she turned to her one true love for solace: Music. 

She became a published Poet young, and graduated early vowing to never struggle as she did growing up, so she turned to selling drugs and exotic dancing to funnel money into her music career. She fell into tragedy as she obtained another severe head injury and began an intimate and tumultuous relationship with an abusive manager who extorted her and preyed upon her one true goal: to make it in the music business. 

But J. Irja didn’t give up! She pushed forward to start a conglomerate in honor of her daughter called the “Female Empowerment Movement Militia” a non-profit foundation that is comprised of women of all walks of life coming together to uplift and motivate one another to succeed and to demolish the roadblocks of sexual inequality once and for all and she is on her way to being part of making that happen.

J. Irja is focused on becoming the first female rapper signed to Strange Music and has opened for their artists Rittz, Stevie Stone, and MAYDAY. She has also toured in over a dozen states, sharing the stage with major artists including Twista, T-Pain, Do-Or-Die and many more. She is also featured in many renowned online sites including thisis50 and has had numerous interviews on radio stations including 97.7 The Blaze.

In her own words “Stay Tuned, the best is yet to come”.

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