Amanda // Time

‘Time’ is the fascinating brand-new electronic pop single with which the charming Amanda makes her delicate R&B touch vibrate.

Second single from her upcoming EP ‘Mood Swing’, which is due for release June 12, 2020, ‘Time’ is a mellow ballad, written by the charming and talented Amanda, and produced by Grammy Award winning music producer Antonio Dixon (Ariana Grande, Alicic Keys, Beyonce, Justin Bieber).

With ‘Time’ Amanda signs a production of stellar quality, an infusion in which veins of electronic pop sinuously intertwine with delicate touches of R&B.

The arrangement, minimal in the elements, but rich in delivery, contains an infinite series of intelligent hints that embellish the atmospheric musical delivery set up by Amanda’s smooth performance.

Amanda certainly attracted all our attention with such an unmissable release as ‘Time’. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear her full EP.

Listen now to ‘Time’, the second single from Amanda’s upcoming EP ‘Mood Swing’, due for onJune 12, 2020.

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Amanda // Time - single cover
Amanda // Time - single cover

natural dichotomy // no sweet without the sour

Born and raised in a small town in Germany in 1980, natural dichotomy started his journey in the world of music when he was 12 years old, listening for the first time to Bad Religion. Thus began a long voyage that, through the punk, alternative, progressive, and experimental subgenres of rock, led him to advance his musical taste.

By opening up his mind and heart more and more to different music genres, at the age of 30 natural dichotomy took up his first guitar and started creating his music, combining it with the power of virtual instruments.

Following the first and rawer album ‘let go & control’, today natural dichotomy returns with a new collection of 11 tracks of evocative chill music, publishing the album ‘no sweet without the sour’:  a predominantly instrumental release, dotted with sporadic lyrics, infused in introspective and atmospheric sound environments.

Here, structurally complex arrangements twist and intertwine with unexpected melodic lines. Markedly denoted by a personal musical vision, the album is imbued with drum patterns that interchange, between drop and turnarounds, with guitar-driven twists, aiming to depict an atmosphere that sounds always vibrant.

Listen now to ‘no sweet without the sour’, the second album from natural dichotomy, available for streaming on:

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natural dichotomy // no sweet without the sour- album cover

The Dream of Orion // I Feel Love

The Dream of Orion // I Feel Love - single cover

The new work by The Dream of Orion is the single titled ‘I Feel Love’, an exquisitely danceable and catchy song that affably ferries us towards more summer-like atmospheres.

With ‘I Feel Love’ Olivier Herràn, the French artist, composer and writer who’s conceived and developed The Dream of Orion project, immerses us in an enveloping, softly suffisive musical atmosphere.

Introduced by round and minimal synths, the song is a candid whisper of echoing words of love that, balancing in duets between male and female vocals, transmit all that sense of freedom, openness, lightness and freshness that we usually associate with summer.

Listen now to ‘I Feel Love’, the latest single by The Dream of Orion, available for streaming on Spotify.

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Matulla ft. Nick Gegan // Things Have Changed

Matulla // Things Have Changed ft. Nick Gegan - single cover

From the German musician from Wolfsburg, Matulla, comes the rock single ‘Things Have Changed’, featuring Nick Gegan.


‘Things Have Changed’ is linked to a book of short stories set in various places in the United States, which Mathias Brand, aka Matulla, wrote after breaking a leg in a bicycle accident.

During the recovery period Matulla used a pair of VR glasses for mobile phones, walking mainly in the USA, thus getting inspired to have his stories take place in America.

A chapter of a journey inside a journey, ‘Things Have Changed’ is a compelling rock number co-produced by Sean Tolley of Clarity Recordings, and belongs to the Wilson Lake chapter.

Listen now to ‘Things Have Changed’, the single by Matulla, featuring Nick Gegan, available for streaming on Bandcamp.

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Lost On The Way A Rock Story In 19 Chapters // cover

E Potkin // Outlandish (prod. Pink)

Rapper E Potkin releases his chill hip-hop tune, the suggestive and atmospheric single ‘Outlandish’.

E Potkin is an up-and-coming hip-hop rapper who only started making music recently. His most recent songs is the atmospheric release ‘Outlandish’, a track about how money, education, addictions, and habits can fuel and influence certain social standards in our communities.

To produce his song, Potkin has layered his lyrics on a compelling beat signed by Pink. Here we find an atmospheric musical delivery, suggestively silhouetted towards reverberating horizons, which Potkin evokes with compelling bars. It is a scenographic perspective that is reflected in a fitting way in the artwork created by Potkin’s dad, who is a professional photographer.

Listen now to E Potkin most recent release, the single titled ‘Outlandish’, available for streaming Soundcloud.

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E Potkin // Outlandish (prod. Pink) - single cover
E Potkin // Outlandish (prod. Pink) - single cover

Annika Jayne // Praying Hands

Annika Jayne // Praying Hands - single cover

Recorded in 2016 at Kleine Audiowelt in Sandhausen, Germany and produced by Daniel Deboy (The Late Call), ‘Praying Hands’ is a song about friendship, a recurring theme in Annika’s works.

Embellished by the touch of Nelly Noack’s cello and of Jörg Teichert’s slide guitar, ‘Praying Hands’ is a tender indie folk song infused in a caressing acoustic atmosphere. Here Annika gives an admirable display of the nuances of her vocal performance, finely suffused and nuanced with the graceful arrangement, giving life to a union of music and lyrics of exquisite musicianship.

Although the song title contains the word praying, the song has no religious association. “My best friend was leaving our hometown to live with her fiancé in France. I knew I would miss her, but I also knew this wasn’t going to be the end of our friendship.” So Annika recalls part of the songwriting process that led her to write ‘Praying Hands’.

With lyrics like “We are just as close, as praying hands, when one hand is mine and the other one is yours / We won’t run out of time / There’s no distance in our minds / Cause we’ll just hold on tight”, Annika expresses once again all her songwriting talent, evoking a touching picture that perfectly describes the feeling of a friendship so profound and deeply-rooted to the point of being able to overcome any geographical distance.

Listen now to Annika Jayne latest single’Praying Hands’, and find out more about Annika’s music, checking the links below:

Annika Jayne
Annika Jayne

BOT MASTER // To The Ground

Bot Master introduces his EP ‘The Next Level’ with the official music video for the compelling hip-pop beats banger ‘To The Ground’.

A record producer, songwriter, and musician, Bot Master is a Virginia native artist who relocated to New Your City. After suffering an accident that required him to become mostly cyborg, now he spends a lot of time alone, working on music.

Deeply focused on delivering his vision and his distinguishable sound, recently Bot Master has released his brand-new 5-tracks EP titled ‘To The Ground’. The EP is introduced by the compelling hip-hop beats banger ‘To The Ground’.

Infused in an engaging atmosphere tinged by an electronic pop flavor, ‘To The Ground’ is the perfect business card for Bot Master to introduce us to his creative world.

The official music video for ‘To The Ground’ is available on Bot Master’s Youtube channel, while his EP ‘To The Ground’ is available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. You can find your preferred one at this link.

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Bot Master - profile picture

Star Noir // Unhuman

‘Unhuman’ is the 5-track electro EP signed by Star Noir, with which the artist tells the story of an AI waking up and becoming conscious of the fact it is something different from the world around it.

Through feelings of anger and frustration, the songs that make up ‘Unhuman’ follow this realization, weaving it both musically and thematically with an unexpected development, until it ends with the last track, where the AI chooses to terminate itself, rather than continue to damage those that surround it.

Closely related to the journey and struggles around mental health, addiction, and suicide that Star Noir had to face in the past, ‘Unhuman’ represents a new beginning for the artist; as he explains to us: “I have been making music for 3 years now and I started from scratch with no previous knowledge and I started to help myself get out of a very dark period of my life. I have found it has helped other looking at all the messages and comments I have got, which makes it all worthwhile.”

With its 5 great little gems, ‘Unhuman’ represents an unmissable listening experience of instrumental electronic cinematic music, infused in immersive moody and permeating trip-hop glitch atmospheres.

Listen now to ‘Unhuman’ by Star Noir, and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

Star Noir // Unhuman - EP cover
Star Noir // Unhuman - EP cover

Joseph Trem // Show Me All Your Moves

From pop singer-songwriter Joseph Trem comes the compelling new single titled ‘Show Me All Your Moves’.

Inspired, if not even obsessed since age 8, by some of the greatest pop recording artists, including Michael Jackson, Taylor Swift and Prince, Joseph Trem has spent years of his life perfecting his craft.

By developing these influences and including them in his personal artistic vision, Trem has given shape and substance to his creativity, giving life to a sound that blends the original qualities of classical pop music with more modern and fresh ones. The result is a unique and captivating hybrid mix of dance, pop, chill, R&B, and pop music, which has allowed him to capture the attention of an ever-growing number of fans and listeners.

In the wake of this momentum that seems bound to take him very far, Trem continues to fuel his songwriting, releasing enthralling and magnetically attractive numbers such as his brand-new single titled ‘Show Me All Your Moves’.

Rhythmically dynamic and infused in an intriguing musical aesthetic, ‘Show Me All Your Moves’ allows Trem to give us a feverishly contagious number, on which to dance to the rhythm of bouncing tribal percussions and sing along to catchy melody lines.

"Show Me All Your Movesis not just about committing to someone new; it's about committing to a new spirit. A spirit where we can forget our troubles and our struggle, and where we let the adrenaline hit us.”

Joseph Trem

‘Show Me All Your Moves’is available for streaming all over the web, on all the major digital platforms. Find your favorite by visiting Joseph Trem website.

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Joseph Trem // Show Me All Your Moves - single cover
Joseph Trem // Show Me All Your Moves - single cover

Born Just Right // City Boy Living

Born Just Right is a producer and singer who is giving his contribution to build a new fanbase for Baltimore artistry and to make it known across the world.

Playing on stages along the East Coast and performing on shows like SXSW & Artscape, BJR and his creative collective Soul Tribe are truly making a name for themselves.

The latest from BJR is the project ‘City Boy Living’, an album of “imperfectly amazing elements” made of catchy and compelling beats.

Through ‘City Boy Living’, composed by a string of 35 tracks, BJR brings to us an incredible roundup of rap, hip-hop, trap and lo-fi tunes, thanks to which he showcases his flexible creativity with some added flair by protégé Ryan Leslie, offering a different pace and energy throughout the entire selection.

The fruit of the many years BJR has spent in Baltimore through his career, ‘City Boy Living’ is a love letter of sorts with which the singer-producer pays tribute to his beloved city, to its inner struggles, opportunities, relative and creative differences, giving to the entire city a soundtrack to live and to learn by.

BJR // City Boy Living - album artwork

Listen now to BornJust Right’s latest project ‘City Boy Living’, available for streaming on Spotify.

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