Neave Zaria // Never The Same

Out on July 3rd, 'Never The Same' is the third single from the talented 19-years-old Neave Zaria, preceding a debut album that is due for release in late 2020.

Committed to her art from an early age, Neave was personally approached to compete in the X Factor Bootcamp finals when she was only 14 years old. An iconic artistic persona, which reflects her charming nuances both with visual and sound, this young and talented Guildford-based artist continues to build her path as she’s putting a very bright future in her hands.

That of Neave is a smoky, touching, and vibrant soul, made of palpitations, rough caresses, and nuanced colors. All this rendered through a vocal command capable of directing all the music delivery in an exquisitely direct and permeating way.

A delicious combination with which Zaria showcases an explorative range in which she embodies, with assurance and ease, vibrations and touches inspired by her roots, which harken back to the renowned names of classic jazz and soul legends such as Amy Winehouse, Aretha Franklin and Etta James, and which also include more contemporary openings like Jorja Smith.

A star that is already rising, with tens of thousands of streams amassed by her previous singles on YouTube and on streaming platforms, with ‘Never The Same’ Neave closes a lush debut triptych, perfectly painted and preciously crowned by her full-bodied and soulful voice, as it is surrounded by a radiant aura of charm.

Beguiling and captivating, if this is the premise, we can’t wait to hear her debut album.

Listen now to ‘Never The Same’, the third single from Neave Zaria, out on July 3rd on Spotify.

The track is accompanied by a video, silhouetted around Zaria delightful artistic person. Watch it on the Neave Zaria’s YouTube channel.

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AshA // Lockdown

Spurred on by the desire to finally make her songs public, Amy created her stage persona, AshA, having her first track amassing 160K streams in a very short time, and finding every song she sent to the BBC Introducing Artist program played on BBC radio UK.

Written in 2019 and uploaded to SoundCloud, back then ‘Lockdown’ was never an official release, but with the Covid-19 pandemic AshA was able to give the song a new spring, releasing it as the tenth in her official discography.

A sophisticated progression that develops and grows, AshA’s ‘Lockdown’ moves from a more introspective and enveloping atmosphere towards an evolved, edifying, and compelling opening. Growing verse after verse, she brings to us infectious hooks, a dragging groove, and haunting vocals.

Written in 2019 and uploaded to SoundCloud, back then ‘Lockdown’ was never an official release, but with the Covid-19 pandemic AshA was able to give the song a new spring, releasing it as the tenth in her official discography.

A sophisticated progression that develops and grows, AshA’s ‘Lockdown’ moves from a more introspective and enveloping atmosphere towards an evolved, edifying, and compelling opening. Growing verse after verse, she brings to us infectious hooks, a dragging groove, and haunting vocals.

The dark pop aftertaste of AshA’s single resounds powerful and biting, through a rich and fresh mix of dance and electronic with touches of R&B and rap.

Here, consecutively decisive calls and answers match with vibrant crests and introspective valleys, making us run and slide with the delivery of the song. This is something that vibrates and unravels like disruptive injections of energy, giving us the strength and courage to break any straitjacket.

A real propellant that makes that delivery so permeating, elevated by AshA’s characteristic vocal touch, by the richness, and by the quality of the entire production.

“The song was written around the breakdown of a long-term relationship and several past heartbreaks and how I got over them by locking myself down and focusing on been happy with myself and working on me.” So AshA speaks about the origin and the meaning of ‘Lockdow’, as something far from recent world events, but rather much more intimate and personal, connected to her emotional sphere.

Described by the BBC as a prolific rapper and songwriter due to the high number of publications that she maintains, AshA proves to be an artist of undoubted talent, multifaceted inspiration, and to be kept in sight also for the high quality of her productions.

As for many artists, the lockdown put AshA’s gigs and plans on hold. But we know that this has left her plenty of time to write future songs. And you can bet, we can’t wait for more.

Listen now to AshA’saingle ‘Lockdown’, available for streaming on all the major digital platform. Find your preferred one on AshA’s website:

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KTEE // Your Place

A BREATH OF FRESH AIR – KTEE releases crispness and a distinctive touch, immersing us in the sophisticated commercial synth-pop of her latest work

Relatable on the surface and far from obvious in its substance, KTEE’s summer tune stands out and moves with style, emerging for the brilliance and cleanliness of its sound, creating a link to the excitement and restlessness that are the summer feelings par excellence.

Keeping all the focus on KTEE’s voice, the impeccably balanced mix lights up in the right places and at keymoments, highlighting all the colors of the arrangement, all well “enlisted” like in an organic concerto.

The intelligibility of the entire production, that sounds so clean it feels made of pure crystal, does not miss the point, not even when it comes to highlighting the nuances, phrasing, and variations of KTEE’s vocal performance, and the wealth of elements that functionally turn on and off to make the whole musical discourse a continuous progression of rhythms, hooks and highs, an evolution that climbs the pinnacle of an exhilarating musical delivery.

KTEE // Your Place - single cover
KTEE // Your Place - single cover
KTEE's voice was compared to Jessie J's voice
KTEE's voice was compared to Jessie J's voice

The release of ‘Your Place’ is accompanied by the official video, available on the KTEE’s Youtube channel.

All this is balanced by a stylistically elegant touch, that never goes to alter the aesthetics of the song, but that at the same time manages to bring out a compelling groove that seems to have no equal.

It is a creative chemistry, reflected in the organic nature and in the multiple qualitative aspects of the production, that finds its right side in the significant contribution provided by producer Bern Wagner, KTEE’s boyfriend.

Recorded in Vienna, Austria, and produced during their quarantine in their cellar, ‘Your Place’ is part of a string of tracks that the two plan to release in the future. “We’ve been working on songs for several years and this is our dream.” KTEE explains, as she shares something more about the backdrop: “Summer is the time for flirts and living the moment. It’s the perfect time to do things that you might regret afterwards and to enjoy unforgettable summer nights. Winter is coming sooner than we might want it to and then we can decide whether our summer deeds have been a total disaster. In the best case we have someone to warm us in cold winter nights.”

A light and fresh track, ‘Your Place’ carries within itself a message of encouragement, which spurs us to live in the moment, seize the day, and not think about tomorrow. Can you imagine something that recalls summer as much as this?

Listen now to ‘Your Place’, the latest single by KTEE, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

The release of ‘Your Place’ is accompanied by the official video, available on the KTEE’s Youtube channel.

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TFXX // Suluban ft. Diastrid

DJ and producer TFXX finds a perfect harmony with the vibrations and the powerful voice of singer Diastrid.

Their recipe manages to give substance and character to ‘Suluban’, a radio-friendly piece rendered in an infectious summer atmosphere, that is light, melodic, pleasantly catchy, and truly danceable.

Definitely a summer hit that must find place in any upcoming seasonal playlists, although ‘Suluban’ fits fully into the category of the current trend, it also stands out thanks to valuable touches of style, making this song a release of note.

And if this is not enough to appreciate the contribution of these two talented artists, ‘Suluban’ is also available in an extended version. As TFXX explains: “The radio version is specially mastered. We thought it was an advantage to mix the song on headphones. Young people listen to everything there. But the song is suitable for playing on the radio too. The mastering of the extended version is for the Big sound system.”

The release of ‘Suluban’ is accompanied by a lyric video, available on the TFXX Youtube channel.

A song about a girl falling in love with her significant other, the track is a truly enjoyable upbeat production, elevated by Diastrid’s profound vocal delivery and by the way in which everything flows forward effortlessly, between layers and interlacing of lush keys, airy synths, and exciting drums.

A rich formula, magnetically attractive and appealingly contagious, that will make you dance from start to finish, play after play.

Listen now to ‘Suluban’, the latest single from TFXX, featuring Diastrid, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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Corinna Jane // Songs For My Mother

Corinna Jane weaves a tapestry full of the feelings of love and pain experienced in the trauma of the loss of her mother, who died suddenly after a short battle against cancer.

When you lose a parent, your whole sense of identity and belonging shifts. At first I believed that I wouldn’t feel like getting up or doing anything again, but instead I found that throwing myself into my creativity gave me a sense of purpose and future.

So Corinna shares some of the memories of a 2019 that left a mark on her, but that fortunately has not prevented her from finding a new outlet and a new perspective.

It was important for me to dedicate a record to her, especially when featuring a song like ‘Pour Me A Glass Of Tomorrow’, which was born out of something she accidentally said in conversation when asking for more wine (which is always a good idea). When I first wrote the song, it was about heartache and life’s rich tapestry, but now the lyrics feel even more poignant and sincere.

Imbued with a delicately swinging romanticism, the entire EP sways emotionally in that prosperous wealth of feelings that are aroused just when you live a touching experience like that of Corinna.

The sense of loneliness that you can feel, even if surrounded by many people, because that beloved one is missing. The anxiety that assails you when you become aware that you are about to lose her. The struggle and bewilderment of having to face an epilogue that you can only suffer. These are just some of the translations between life and narration that Corinna gives us with her EP.

They are all there, stripped in 4 tracks as indelible scars, that bleed and hurt but that make you grow, crudely exposed in all their love and pain, ups and downs, lights and shadows.

At the basis of all this resounds a search for affection. Bitterly, there is awareness that this can no longer be reciprocated. But it is precisely through this awareness that Corinna gives us back all its value and importance.

Indirectly, what she is giving us is exactly the genuine loving kindness, unconditionally and naturally aroused, by and towards a mother.

Listen now to ‘Songs For My Mother’, the latest EP from Corinna Jane, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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Bloom Phase // Shift

Bloom Phase has been making music for over ten years, playing techno on his keyboard and Kaoss pad, in dive bars all around Phoenix, Arizona, at local music festivals, clubs, DIY art spaces, and house parties. He is also hosting a weekly electronic music night in Tempe, AZ.

There is no doubt, all this has allowed him to see the Arizona music scene from every possible angle, providing him the opportunity to refine an impeccable sensitivity in getting in touch with the listener and developing an electronic music with a unique energetic flavor.

It is a gift of talent and a background of inspirations that Bloom Phase has been able to put to good use, spending the last two years creating ‘Rise Rule Fall’, an album set to be released in the summer 2020, and impeccably introduced by the brand-new single ‘Shift’.

Bloom Phase’s latest work presents itself as a gateway that opens onto an engaging scenario, with which he ferries us into an organically exciting progression of contagious stimuli. Moving through the folds of EDM, ‘Shift’ sounds like a bold and original combination of genres, ranging from lush indie dance coloring, to more aggressive sounds with hints of acid house and industrial.

The exploratory aesthetic that Bloom Phase offers us ranges, with style and personality, between atmospheric openings and chill melodic beats, bringing to the table a cross-section open on the breadht of his expressiveness and his musicianship.

By combining his talent and his passion for techno, electronics and any danceable tone and rhythm, ‘Shift’ is a number that gives you an unstoppable desire to dance. Wanna bet this will make even the most uptight of dancers loosen up and jump?

Listen now to ‘Shift’, the brand-new single from Bloom Phase, off of his upcoming album ‘Rise Rule Fall’.

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Fab The Duo // Stubborn

Glam pop-rock couple Fab The Duo

release the intimate and personal Stubborn

A song based on the dynamics of being a duo and in a queer relationship, ‘Stubborn’ is the latest work from this biracial gay duo, off of their EP ‘Our Love Is Resistance’. Making history as a rising couple of artists set to break out from New York City to the mainstream music scene, Fab The Duo is a power duet composed of boyfriends Greg Driscoll and Brendan Eprile.

The duo’s most recent single, “No Prince Charming (feat. MariahLynn),” was released in February exclusively through Billboard Pride. Other previously released tracks include “I Want A Man” and “American Icon”. Watch the videos on Fab The Duo’s Youtube channel.

Greg and Brendan, who met each other on Tinder, keep open a door to all the communities around the globe, to embrace their personalities and true identities. As they are aiming to change the cultural narrative about love in the LGBTQ space, they are bringing to all of us something that can really resonate with a lot of people.

And while their meaningful lyrics spread throughout and beyond the music scene of New York, here come their ‘Stubborn’, as the most personal song they have written to date.

Fab The Duo, launching the pre-order campaign for their debut EP ‘Our Love Is Resistance’, from their Instagram profile, out now on all the major digital platforms. You can find your preferred one via

“Stubborn is the first song we’re releasing where we really open up about our relationship.” – said Fab The Duo – “Sometimes it can be hard being two people with strong personalities and opinions in a relationship, but at the end of the day we’re too stubborn to give up on each other. We wanted to release a stripped-down track that shares who are.”

It is clear that for Fab The Duo music is something that goes beyond a mere matter of appealing style; as they say, sharing something more about their vision: “Fab the Duo is a movement for everyone; not just the LGBT community. At our core we believe in love; a love for each other, a love of music, a love for being different. Our motto is no matter who you are- as long as you’re not hurting yourself or anyone else- be you, be proud, and be loud.”

This is about the sense of acceptance of the other; about how what may appear as a defect, can be reassessed as an added value, to the point of being the prod that leads us to fall in love with another person. This is the root and the keystone of ‘Stubborn’, which, together with the lead track of the EP ‘Our Love Is Resistance’, seals the touching and vibrant expressiveness of Fab The Duo with a fabulous aura.

It is a lesson in style and sensitivity that comes from two people who, in a not too distant past, would have been put through the wringer, if not worse, precisely because of their way of being and living their lives. Chapeau for Fab The Duo.

Listen now to ‘Stubborn’, the single off of Fab The Duo’s debut EP ‘Our Love Is Resistance’, both available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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Pillars // Circa

Like a self-propelled oscilloscope swinging around a seductive focal centre, Pillars plays with the stereophonic spectrum and with suggestive atmospheres with a minimal, almost dry construction, capable of opening up and playing like a sonic embrace imbued with deep expressiveness.

While lulling us among phrasing, rebounds, suspensions and delicate delays, Pillars manages to evoke an aura of exquisitely satisfying refinement and sophistication, hovering on the wings of the incorporeal caresses of the ethereal ‘Blame’, to then slide along the darker and more granular folds of ‘Better Me’, up to push us into a gradual ascent to the top of the musical pinnacle that is ‘Comfort’.

Alternating moments of cadenced determination with seething revealing movements, ‘Circa’ is a reflection on past mistakes, regrets and behaviours. Echoes of past times and cathartically narcissistic parentheses follow one another, like the throbs of an ever-present beat: ready to arrive, now, perhaps in a moment… circa.

Pillars // Circa - EP cover
Pillars // Circa - EP cover

The three years of silence were worth the wait. As suggest by Pillar’s moniker, inspired by the Christian pillar-saints who spent time on a journey of self-discovery, secluded in the mountains from the rest of society, she is continuing to give breath and perspective to a new path, making her mark in the world of electronic music.

The musical renaissance of Pillars is already underway: a bolder and pervasive artistic evolution, which already looks to a tomorrow made of resilience that has already begun. Really, can you imagine something as beautiful?

Listen now to ‘Circa’, the brand-new EP by Pillars, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms.

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Gabby Wilson // Hug It Out

Initiated to the world of music since childhood thanks to piano lessons, Gabby Wilson is a Swedish singer and songwriter, as well as an entrepreneur and producer, who wrote clean-cut pop anthems for artists around the world

A creative source, luxuriantly fed by currents of ’90s pop, soul and grunge, to which Gabby has been able to give structure and soul, thanks to the talent and skills she gained and amplified through the experience she gained on the field.

So, even though  it’s not Christmas, it feels like it, since ‘Hug it Out’ looks just like an impeccably wrapped gift, packaged in a sparkling livery: it’s as beautiful as it appears, already perfect as it is, yet you know that inside there is something even more exciting, so much you can’t wait to open it.

While with the intro we approach covetously the gift, eager to unwrap it, when Gabby opens the lid of her box of wonders what comes out is a surprising and even more beautiful collection of hooks and highs, which float like soap bubbles and radiate outwards like multicolored rainbows.

Undoubtedly visually driven, Gabby Wilson is an artist capable to reflects the subtleties of her sonic and sensory music, even through imagery.

But, as we said, it’s not Christmas. ‘Hug it Out’ is a bittersweet indie-pop song, aroused after Gabby found herself in a relationship that was hanging by a thread: “Trust started to lack, communication started to get shorter and shorter, with the pressure of taking the relationship to the next level rather than enjoying the here and now. We were missing a sense of fun and playfulness. It felt like the only time my boyfriend and I didn’t fight was when we were sleeping. That was the time when we could hold each other and feel close. It’s impossible to get to that vulnerable place in your everyday life.”

So Gabby’s party will also have a bit of a bitter to taste. Behind infectious dance beats are barely concealed cracks, as she sing: “We fight, staying up all night / We cry, barely getting by / We smile, only for a while / To cover up a lie / ’cause then we hug it out.”

Gabby knows what she’s doing here, and she’s doing it really well, establishing a relationship with the listener that translates into an intimate, direct, face-to-face music delivery, impeccably argued with textbook compositional subtleties and finesse. Like a prized “secrétaire”, you know it hides a precious treasure. You cannot know what it is until you look inside it, and you are dying to find out.

With ‘Hug it Out’, the forerunner for her debut EP, Gabby Wilson wears her heart on her sleeve, wearing her vulnerabilities as strengths. Needless to say: it is a “dress code” that seems to be tailored to her artistic silhouette. And it fits her like a glove.

Listen now to ‘Hug it Out’, the forerunner for Gabby Wilson debut EP, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your preferred one via

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Will Love // Don’t Let Me Down Part. 2

He has established a name for himself in the south since 2014, when he dropped the mixtape ‘The Substance Prefix’, a release that amassed thousands of downloads and brought him a lot of attention in his hometown.

Today like then, Love continues to show off a crafted sound focused on his creative versatility, which sounds in an increasingly distinctive and characteristic way. Capable of jumping from more introspective and thoughtful numbers with records like ‘Electrolyte Water’, to more carefree tunes like ‘My Side’, now Will Love brings us ‘Don’t Let Me Down Part. 2’, his upcoming summer single, out on July 3rd.

So the hip-hop artist living in Charleston continues to fuel his growing artistic path, strengthened  by his style and rigorous education. These two factors led him since a young age to transform pain and struggles into a passion for captivating lyrics and melodies.

Will Love // Don't Let Me Down Part. 2 - single cover
Will Love // Don't Let Me Down Part. 2 - single cover

As Love explains: “I pull a lot of pain from the past and a lot of truth from the reality I see from my peers around me, they help me put lines together.”

Staying true to his roots, Will’s new work rises clear, strong, and vibrant, a number with a bouncy mix, dropped into an engaging summer atmosphere that pumps. Here the celebratory bars drawn by Love light up on the thrust of energizing beats, which give energy to the entire song, while some subtle samples underline the light and witty feeling of the track.

“Seems like the summer is lacking a summer anthem and I created one. During these tough times I’m dropping something for people to party and dance too. Something overall to feel good about.”

So Love pulls us inside a song with a sound spectrum intensely and densely saturated, but where effective lyrics also find their space. They give the right accents in the right points, in a clear and direct way, offering multiple duplicities to the entire song. This is fluidly stretched in a flow that unfolds effortlessly, between truth and frivolity, substance and lightness, amidst a forward-looking and a carefree feelings, as a sort of transversal crossover of sweetness and strength.

A delivery that through its positive vibes is capable of bringing us a healthy and good dose of positive feelings. Something capable of ferrying us out of these difficult times, projecting us into a more peaceful summer, finally and definitively freed from the chains of the lockdown. An unmissable mood setter.

Will Love ‘Don’t Let Me Down Part. 2’ is out on July 3rd on Spotify and Apple Music. Pre-save it now via Distrokid.

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