Jonathon Goldie // Blind!

Jonathon Goldie, a professional independent musician who performs throughout the Vancouver area, debuts with his 10-track album titled ‘Blind!’.

Moved by his beloved rhythmic guitar on compelling diversified percussion carpets, the performances of various artists find space in Goldie’s interesting project. Herman Lo and his violin grace the track ‘Fata Morgana’, a piece that, like ‘Tundra’, Goldie had already released in the past as an anticipation of the album itself.

The project that Jonathon brings to the table is a release infused with alternative touches. Set into a folk-rock atmosphere, Goldie’s creative flair inoculates a series of touches of style that in various ways recall the genres of blues and electronic.

A mainly rhythmic groove runs through the whole album, that presents itself as a pleasant listening experience in which Jonathon’s vocal perfomance stands out in perfect combination with the aforementioned alternative touch and is made unique by subtle intonation inflections and long notes with an asymmetrical vibrato.

Blind! is now available on streaming on Bandcamp, Apple Music, and on all the other main platforms.

For more information on his upcoming releases, follow Jonathon Goldie on Facebook and on his website

Jonathon Goldie // Blind! - album artwork
Jonathon Goldie // Blind! - album artwork

Vincent Krennerich // Gedanke

Composed of 3 deeply expressive and delicately caressing tracks, the poetic prose that the 21-year-old artist gives us goes straight to the heart, capable of touching the most intimate strings of our being.

Vincent Krennerich // Gedanke - EP cover

Exquisitely linked together by the extraordinary beauty of the dreamy touch of Krennerich’s piano, this talented and promising artist’s EP sinks into the streams and the chiaroscuros of what is a contemplative reading of the grandeur and amplitude of natural beauty. In what is almost a Sturm und Drang moment,  Krennerich reminds us that even if our world sometimes seems to be falling apart, there’s still magnificence in it.

Through the deepest and darkest valleys full of drama and sadness, up to the highest peaks that seem to want to make us rise in flight well above the clouds, the musical poetry that Krennerich exhibits with his instrumental compositions is a formidable example of the compositional talent he is capable of.

This is an immersive, pictorially communicative work of impeccable craftsmanship, whose atmospheric nuances based on primary elements combine with each other, filling the sound spectrum in a formidable way. The expressive openings culminate in crests that seem able to project us into spaces and places where the walls of our room no longer exist. The full-bodied  quality of the pieces is perfectly balanced in the most introspective phrasing, where the instrumental emptying leaves space and air to savor the delicate stratifications of touches of strings and the codas of the piano reverbs.

Vincent Krennerich - portrait
Vincent Krennerich - portrait

Krennerich weaves an unmissable, dynamic and articulated listening experience that makes us hover between suspension moments, passionate exaltations and liberating thrills. An EP to be savoured one listening after the other to fully grasp every little drop of its dense and incomparable essence.

Listen now to ‘Gedanke’, Vincent Krennerich’s debut EP, available on streaming on:

To know more about Vincent Krennerich and his music, visit his website:

Treasure Jansen // Origins

Returning in some ways to his ‘Origins’, the new work of the talented Jansen represents a further evolution of his characteristic sound, richly decorated and dropped into a brilliantly saturated spectrum of effective hooks. Injecting new lifeblood, with this new production Treasure is giving new life to songs that have been lying in wait since 2013, when some were written for the first time.

Combining his inevitable guitars with piano and various samples, in ‘Origins’ the rousing percussions and the pedal of the bass line are a driving fire that moves forward the whole track, while the voices cloaked in haze effects add the right atmospheric touch to an energetic, fresh and contemporary song.

Jansen’s bold new single, which follows his previous releases ‘Patterns’ and ‘Idle Thoughts’, represents what is probably the most mature and incisive performance to date by the Seattle artist. The merit of this also goes to the mixing signed by Yuuki Matthews, who in the past has worked with the likes of The Shins, Crystal Skulls and David Bazan.

Treasure Jansen is the kind of versatile artist you’ll want to keep on your radar as we all wait for the release of his next EP ‘Echoes of Light’.

Listen now to ‘Origins’, the new single by Treasure Jansen, available for streaming on Spotify.

Treasure Jansen // Origins - artwork
Treasure Jansen // Origins - artwork

To keep in touch with Treasure Jansen, to know more about his music and not to miss his next releases, check and follow his Instagram profile.

Conrad Deadly // Sally Lives In My Girls Yard

2020 starts with a bang for the artistic career of this internationally acclaimed model and expert artist and musician, who cut his teeth playing as a soloist in groups and in shows all over the world.

In the summer of 2019 Conrad made his debut at the international festival with an appearance at Meadows in the Mountains, Bulgaria, and at Nakkefestival, Denmak, events that will see his participation repeated in this year’s editions. After using samples of his music in some fashion films in Asia, Conrad has successfully built a large following in South Korea, where he performed in several shows that were well received by public and critics and that, earlier this year, allowed him to return for a residence of main shows in Seoul. Upon his return to the UK, he appeared in Camden’s legendary pub and club, The Hawley Arms, for the Red Light Sessions as a support for Alfie Scully from We Are The Ocean.

Today, thanks to the refined level he has reached by cultivating his talents that he considers strictly linked to Nordic culture, with ‘Sally Lives In My Girls Yard’ he brings us an exciting britpop number. In it, punk and folk roots melt and meld together, giving life to a unique style characterized by a balanced warm atmosphere, with blurred outlines but containing a strong and echoing central body.

Accompanying the message of this passionate and ecstatic musical delivery, we find Conrad’s abstract drawings that put a sort of final seal, a perfect topping to this first expressive act that is worthy of all our attention.

Listen now to ‘Sally Lives In My Girls Yard’, Conrad Deadly’s debut single, and follow him on the web at the following links:

Empty Banks // Where We Go

Empty Banks // Where We Go - artwork

Stimulating us to reflect on who we are, Empty Banks pushes us to realize what may have gone wrong within ourselves or in the whole of a soured relationship.

Empty Banks

Moved by the strong push of this self-analysis, ‘Where We Go’ is a song with an edifying and revealing musical aesthetic, in which the full depth and authenticity of Empty Banks’ personal journey shines through, together with how this path has led him to some important realizations. Like any process of personal growth, this one too inevitably also contains moments of pain and hard pills to swallow that, however, lead us to a happier life perspective.

Banks’ musings draw inspiration from some of his own past relationships. As he explains:

“I often think about relationships from my past, and what went wrong in each of them. What went wrong with me, them, or even just the circumstances, why they didn’t work out regardless of either of us. I look at the people that I have been with and I can’t say how lucky I am to have gotten to spend time with some of these amazing girls. But I was hard on them. I want to say it was because I wanted to get the best out of them, but I pushed too hard a lot of the time and wound up just being a dick. “

The message of ‘Where We Go’ thus leads us to learn how important it is to be yourself, to be as authentic and sincere as Empty Banks’ genuine vocal performance, that without artifices or frills reaches us in all its personal uniqueness.

Acoustically atmospheric, ‘Where We Go’ is an indie-style pop rock song that appears simple on the surface, and that contains within itself a penetrating message of uplifting growth. This is a song to listen to to sink deeper in its meaning and make it your own.

Listen now to ‘Where We Go’ by Empty Banks, available in streaming on:

To find out more about Empty Banks and not to miss any of his next releases, follow him on the web at the following links:

La Roboká // Incel Boy

An alt-pop formation led by the charismatic classical soprano singer Lady K and the statuesque film composer Robulus, La Roboká awakens consciences with a controversial music video.

A shard of pop madness that turns out to be a very powerful musical and visual magnet, ‘Incel Boy’ is a statement against that vein of misogyny that manifests through active hatred and violence against women. That of the La Roboká is an act that certainly doesn’t uses half-measures. The video of ‘Incel Boy’ features the two histrionic Berliner duo as protagonists, but also shows scenes of violence and attacks against women captured by security cameras.

Loaded with the sense of tension proper to the important them of the song, the track rhythmically enraptures you and carries forward, directly and without filters, all the communicative force and value of its musical message.

The way in which music, lyrics, vocal performances, arrangements and images work side by side, enhancing, deepening and fully restoring the density of the musical delivery that this work offers, is impeccable.

La Roboká - Robulus
La Roboká - Robulus
La Roboká - Lady K
La Roboká - Lady K

La Roboká and their works undoubtedly can’t be reduced to the edicts of commercial mainstram. After all, this duo finds their genesis in Lady K and Robulus’ desire to give life to a project untouched by restrictive labels, definitions and classifications, aiming to mix some styles they loved in songs. For this reason, a first superficial listening of the new single by La Roboká  may unsettle you. But it is precisely by bending every definition of musical genre, by creating and defining its very own universe and vision, that with ‘Incel Boy’ La Roboká bring us an unmissable piece of avant-garde art.

‘Incel Boy’ is a listening experience capable of leaving a mark in the conscience of each of us, and thanks to it the Berliner duo left us literally amazed. Needless to say, we can’t wait to find out what their next act will be.

Watch now the official video of ‘Incel Boy’, available on the La Roboká Youtube channel, and follow them on their social networks, to find out more of their music:

Lucy Aggett // Sixteen

Released at the end of last February, ‘Sixteen’ is the new single by 22-year-old North London and Devon alternative folk singer-songwriter Lucy Aggett.

Inspired by artists such as Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens, the talented artist’s new work is a narrative that reminds us of how simple life seemed when we were younger and how quickly life seems to have progressed.

Layered layered synths, piano riffs, puffy electric guitars, and male and female harmonies that complement each other are the building blocks of a song made unique by the skill and honesty of Lucy’s songwriting. ‘Sixteen’ presents itself with a refined musical aesthetic, perfect underlining of that reflective atmosphere and sense of fragility inherent in its theme.

Lucy Aggett ‘Sixteen’ is available for streaming on Spotify and on all major digital platforms.

To find out more about Lucy Aggett and to not to miss her next releases, check and follow her socials:

Lucy Aggett // Sixteen - artwork
Lucy Aggett // Sixteen - artwork

J-Carter // Take Hip-hop Back

Emerging directly from New Jersey, hip-pop artist J-Carter releases his latest album, titled ‘Take Hip-Hop Back’. A long and articulated exhibition of J-Carter’s diverse talent, through the 30 tracks that make up the release the artist ranges skillfully and organically through styles and genres that bring into the mix transversal influences that come from R&B, pop, and afro, all placed in an atmospheric acoustic hip-hop.

Surgically penetrating, the flow that J-Carter offers us in the more than two hours of duration of the album is like a prod that thanks to its lyrics runs through the listener’s mind, body and soul.

Catchy hooks, tight rhythms and great lyrical content are the ingredients of an album thanks to which this artist manages to bring to the table a hip-hop that is full-bodied and at the same time richly granular, enhanced by the fluency of his vocabulary as a talented lyricist.

Offering us a compelling blend of old school vibes and contemporary atmospheres, ‘Take Hip-Hop Back’ sounds like a gripping exaltation of J-Carter’s style, leading him to stand out in a hip-hop music scene that too often feels lackluster or lacking personality.

Maintaining his creative identity and his artistic soul, he keeps in mind what he believes should be the definition of hip-hop, regardless of what society leans on. And we must say that it is an exquisitely convincing message.

In such a large album, with so much to say, there are many gems that we would like to mention, each for multiple different reasons. In order to avoid mentioning all of the tracks, we’ll limit ourselves to those that struck us most at the very first listening.

First and foremost we want to mention ‘Frontin’, for how it gripped our stomach with its visceral and overwhelming, epically evocative approach, sealed by the vibrant low kick and the saturating synths of the next track,  ‘Go Hard at Em’.

J-Carter // Take Hip-hip Back - album artwork
J-Carter // Take Hip-hip Back - album artwork

Around the middle of the album, ‘Keeps on Raining’ brightens the sound spectrum with its choruses and their more sunny soul hues, that make us land in the more melancholy and tender ‘Let It Go’.

The fifteenth track comes to reintroduce a sense of rhythmic tension: here we find all the controversial transport of ‘Miss My Baby’, and then  we slip into the introspective, dreamy and atonal parenthesis that is ‘Nothin but the Best’.

This is an alternative drift that nonetheless is easy for J-Carter, who however continues to surprise us with the old school tone of ‘Stoic Lover’, to close once again in an impeccable way, with the low-fi style of ‘The One for Myself’.

As we said above, we could, and we would like to, go on for days detailing as much as possible the myriad of nuances that J-Carter exhibits in the over two hours of ‘Take Hip-Hop Back’. Needless to say, the best thing you can do is schedule some free time and dedicate two hours to listening to this unmissable album.

J-Carter’s ‘Take Hip-Hop Back’ is available on streaming on all major digital platforms, at the following link.

To get in touch with J-Carter and discover all his music, visit the following links:

Alias Wayne // Gimmie What It’s Worth

Covering fabulously the 1966 song ‘For What It’s Worth’ by Buffalo Springfield, the Texan singer-songwriter Alias Wayne has released his single ‘Gimme What It’s Worth’, taken from the 5-track album titled ‘Faux Pas’ signed with the pseudonym Ranzel X Kendricks.

Set into a musical aesthetic in which Wayne blends various genres, the track looks like a pop rock number in a freestyle folk groove that scenically refers to the Texan landscapes and atmospheres that are very dear to Wayne.

The western-style resonant touch, refined with taste, is here and there clad with the bluesy style of the original version, giving to the sound of the song a contemporary touch. By keeping things down to the essential, the track effectively exposes its somewhat raw and scratchy soul, making this a truly honest recording.

Developing on an increasingly engaging layered dynamic, and enhanced by an impeccable production quality, each element has its rightful place in the mix, bringing us a song with a melodically melancholic acoustic taste.

Listen now to ‘Gimme What It’s Worth’, Alias Wayne’s latest single, available on streaming on:

To find out more about Alias Wayne aka Ranzel X Kendricks, visit his website:

Alias Wayne // Faux Pas - album artwork
Alias Wayne // Faux Pas - album artwork

Ike Jackson ft. Nessa Black // Lit

Executive producer Ike Jackson has one agenda in mind as he cruises through ‘Lit’, EDM remix, which will be featured in the soundtrack to the independent hip-hop assassin movie RE-UP.

With the new single Jackson hits the mark and concocts great EDM danceable rythms, thanks to the creative contribution of Akinyele Hatchell, Christopher Stephen, Harvey Frierson Jr and Vanessa Black, the artists involved in writing and composings process, along with the vocal touch of rapper Nessa Black.

A well produced and engaging pumping beat in the background and a sensual and enveloping vocal performance are the fundamental ingredients that makes ‘Lit’ a flavourful addition to your playlist.

Don’t miss ‘Lit – EDM remix’ from Ike Jackson featuring Nessa Black, now available on:

Ike Jackson ft. Nessa Black // Lit EDM remix cover
Ike Jackson ft. Nessa Black // Lit EDM remix cover
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