Peter Spacey // Electro-Organic Live Session

Tel-Aviv-based artist, Peter Spacey, moniker for Omer Luz, is a name known for his ability to cook spicy and succulent recipes made of glitched grooves and Spacey Beats.

And while his musical legacy ranges from a traditional jazz background to being a trained keyboard player, Luz grew up spending his free time mastering his turntablism and DJ skills. All precious ingredients that allowed him to develop a unique sound signature, resulting in a rare combination of flavors.

Since 2018, when he started the solo project, Peter Spacey, he has embarked on an exploratory journey to probe the relations between audio elements and visual aesthetics.

The fruits that sprouted from this thriving two-year adventure include: 6 Eps, an augmented reality exhibition he created for his Audio-Visual Beat Tape Release party, and performing alongside major artists such as Mad Zach, Anomalie, and Masego, as a Dj and as part of Choke Beat Orchestra Super Group.

In addition to this, his music has been selected as soundtrack for varied commercials (HBO, Porsche, Jubilee), and video games, as well as having been played internationally by radio broadcasts, DJs, and at international events (e.g., DMC World Championship, Zing Music Award, R6 European league).

The list could go on and on, being Peter Spacey, an artist who draws from a source of inspiration that seems interminable and who is capable of managing the right balance between artistic-creative and business-oriented aspects.

Having consciously decided to take a break for the past 2 years, he changed his focus from DJing and performing to being in the studio to create original music for a major world tour he planned to mature this summer.

“This summer, I was planning to go on a tour with my music. After being active on stages performing live and Djing for the last decade, […] I came up with a special live set, well prepared, and chose the instruments I would travel with, and built a special booth to perform with and tailor-made cases for the equipment.”

Thus Peter shares the background and genesis of ‘Electro-Organic Live Session’, the creative Eden in which Spacey sprouted a compelling 30 min live video session of engaging original space music.

Recorded during the world epidemic, the live session video was premiered and broadcasted as part of the Selina International Music Summit, an international live-streamed festival put on by Selina, bringing together artists from around the world to make people happy during the quarantine, live streaming from isolation.

Broadcasting a wide spectrum of sounds, rhythms, and textures, Spacey’s performance is a lush combination that develops dynamically and organically with fluid naturalness, from smooth atmospheres punctuated with environmental vibrations to glitchy cusps of grooves highlighted by a distinctly electronic matrix.

An outstanding creative work, guided by his unique sound signature, as he skillfully glides between drum machines, synthesizers, turntables… and spinning plants!

Here Peter demonstrates that he is clearly immersed in his natural environment, gliding sparkling inside – we should also say outside – the ‘Spacetagon’: the special music-making booth that Spacey has expressly set up for his live shows and performances.

Suddenly the world epidemic came and surprised us all. The whole music industry shut down, along with musical shows, clubs, flights.. everything. But while many have become discouraged and threw in the towel, Peter has found new outlets for his creativity.

As he tells us: “In the beginning, it felt like the whole world shut down, but after a while, new and fresh opportunities came up, such as streaming platforms, virtual events, and online festivals. For instance, recently, I had the opportunity to participate fully in a big Burning-Man festival after the organization announced that it would be a virtual festival. Playing in Burning-Man and flying to Nevada was always a distant dream for me, and I didn’t plan to participate in the Burning-Man event this summer. Yet this opportunity presented itself to me thanks to the world pandemic.

An exciting and noteworthy project, we joined Peter Spacey for a short chatty talk. Keep on reading to find out more!


Curious to know what is contained in Peter Spacey’s special music-making booth? So, let’s find out the tools of the trade with which he performs his tricks.

The Spacetagon is composed of three limbs, each containing one of the main elements representing a key aspect of his music-making tools and musical environment:

Front – THE MAIN: Here, we find the booth’s core, a 49 keys keyboard. He uses it for lead sounds and main harmonies.

Left – THE SIDE ARM: A small synthesizer Peter uses to sparkle some magical dust that comes by synth space FX, arpeggios, and melodies.

Right – SPACEY’S ACE: A turntable to throw the secret ingredient into the mix, which may come from scratch parts or some Dj FX flavors. Need to add more?

I surrounded myself with the tools that I love to create with, organized in a comfortable shape, set up a free playground that gives me the freedom to move from one element to another and play around.

I have some predetermined patterns but I have complete freedom inside of them.

Playing the front elements of the musical part is an essential pillar in my live performance, but everything is possible.

If in the studio when creating and cooking my music, or on stage while performing, The Spacetagon is the ultimate spaceship for making space music!


Hi Spacey. First of all, welcome to Nova Music blog, and thank you for the time you dedicate to us.

Let’s get straight into it, but with something a little more aseptic. You were recently invited to be a featured artist and collaborate in a Mitsubishi advert music-video showcasing the new cars’ collection of the Japanese brand. So, what was it like working for the automotive division of the largest financial holding of Japan?

I really enjoyed the process, it was a great experience and I’m very happy with the final musical &  visual outcome.

There was a whole team behind this production including: art director, video director, music team that co-produced and co-composed the music track with me, and the production house.

Working alongside this great team was awesome and the final outcome is a result of all our teamwork.

It’s not obvious that there’s such a cool commercial in prime time when most car ads show only the car with generic music.

I got to see a bunch of people raising their faces up from their cell-phone screens during the commercial break because the music caught their attention and they wanted to see what was happening on the TV.

The whole process didn’t take more than 3 weeks from start to finish, from composing/producing the music alongside Monster Music, throwout performing, video shooting, video editing, music mastering… to the final date of the live broadcast!

I thoroughly enjoyed every moment, and despite the tight deadlines, it felt super productive and unstressful.

The whole process felt very organic and natural. I brought my instruments, harmonies, and signature sounds into the mix, the synthesizers, the futuristic spacey aesthetics, and the turntable parts.

We decided to do scratch parts with my turntablism skills using sounds and samples prerecorded from the actual vehicle (Watch behind the scene video – down below).

After we finished formulating the concept, we got to the actual shooting day.

I arrived with an arsenal of synths, samplers, turntables, and my Spacetagon music-making booth…felt at home 🙂

Then, the only thing left was to record and perform the music live, capturing the magical moments.

Modesty aside, in the commercial, you and your music are co-stars of the new Mitsubishi cars. Literally, it is you who turn them on. How does this make you feel?

I feel really honored for this opportunity that I received, and complimented that they picked me up after watching my previous works and deciding I was the right artist for this project.

Modesty aside, I can say that if I wasn’t the right person for this project, they wouldn’t have contacted me, the process could have been very oppressive, and no one would have been happy. It felt like a good fit and natural for both sides, and now we are working on sharing the full-length music track with the world. Got some warm shout-outs from various directions in the local and worldwide electronic music scene and the music industry.

I am so happy and grateful for this opportunity and the artistic choices to bring such an edge to prime time and the final outcome. There is a lot of hard work alongside building a thriving music career, that sometimes leads to highlights and rewarding moments such as this one. Those moments give approval for my hard work and rev up my internal energies, reminding me that I’m on the right track, and give me the fuel to keep going.

Participating in this kind of major commercial project allows me to reach a wide range of peoples and eyes, including potential fans, people from various industries, and who knows what new opportunities and new doors it can open.

Let’s head back to your roots: a professional jazz background, and a trained keyboard player, an instrument you started studying at 8 years old. Then Dj and turntablist, with the first djing sessions at the age of 15. And today, an electronic beat-maker and producer of international scope. An impressive excursus, but between these key points, is there a link or a common thread we are missing?

So many things happened during those 2 decades of doing.

First of all, I can say that consistency is a big thing. Just making something over a decade, I guess anything, will take you to a professional level. Non-stop creating and performing, if as a Dj or as a keyboard player, beat-making and collaborating, while picking up any piece of information that can help me reach my goals and visions.

Day to day exercising, not only the physical aspects like practicing scales on the piano or working on beat-mixing and turntablism techniques, but also exercising and working the creative muscle – everyday creating.

And most important – I work on myself as a human being, on my mentality, personality, fine-tuning my intentions, and working/learning the business side, which grows alongside the doing.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that my creative outcome is in-fact a by-product of my life experiences and mental growth. After realizing this, I understood that working on myself as a human being is no less important than working on myself as a musician.

Also came across this eye-opening quote by Quincy Jones, talking about the best advice he ever got in his entire career – “Your music will never be any more or less than you are a human being”.

During the 2’nd decade of my career, I spent most of my time in music studios learning and crafting the art of sound engineering, music production, and album making. I was so passionate to live and breathe the art of sound & music production that I kinda lived inside music studios over a concentrated period of 5 years, 24/7. Working with hundreds of artists – recording, producing, engineering, playing, watching, hearing, absorbing, collaborating, and participating. This experience was another big thing for me and for my knowledge/skills.

Another big turning point that gave a positive lift to my career is my exploration and activity in the field of audio-visual. If on the artistic side of working and merging these two worlds, and if in the actual career side of syncing my music with video – films, TV, ads, video games, art installations… These things helped my music to expand its reach and exposure to a bigger audience internationally.

In addition to the exposure, I feel that the overall experience got bigger and more immersive. I feel like the overall outcome of audio-visual is greater than its parts.

A movie, for instance, is a bigger creation than the soundtrack itself, or the silent video itself. Together they form a full and whole creation.

A main aspect of my works under the name of Peter Spacey, from the very beginning of the project, was exploring the relations between audio elements and visual aesthetics.

My first release was an Audio-Visual beat tape that was released on a super limited edition of VHS Cassettes (!) For the launching party, I came with an audio-visual Augmented Reality exhibition showcasing the Audio-Visual Works.

The same is true about technology. The mixture of art and technology created a new playground for me as a creative artist. A playground that provides new possibilities for cross-border collaborations among platforms and art-forms. This combination takes the experience, both from the audience and the creator’s perspective, to a new and deeper level.

Art and technology empower creation possibilities, characteristic wise and perfection wise.

While waiting to return to enjoy the live shows, your YouTube channel is the perfect place where we can see you on the block, in that forge that is the Spacetagon. After ‘Electro-Organic Live Session’ came the upload of ‘Morning Haze’, 1st chapter of the ‘Spacetagon outdoor sessions’ series. What is it about?

‘Morning Haze’ was created from my pure love of electronic & organic music, nature, space, synthesizers, ambient, and futuristic soundscapes. My dream performance venue would be an outdoor venue, surrounded by nature. Nature has a big impact and inspiration over my creative outcome.

’Cercle’ video series is super inspiring, FKJ session for instance… That’s one of the incentives that inspired me to take my musical instruments (including my Spacetagon Booth) outside and record the ’Morning Haze’ outdoor session.

This is the first video of an upcoming series; the Spacetagon outdoor sessions – a series of original Spacey Music videos shot at different magical places with my Spacetagon booth.

Peter Spacey // Morning Haze – Live Balcony Session

So, for you, the Spacetagon is more of a forge or a stage?

I would say both. The shape that my instruments are organized on the Spacetagon came from how I organize my studio setup when creating music.

I wanted to bring it to the stage, for my live performance comfortability, and also aimed for the visibility side of a unique stage, a visible concept that will be connected with my works.

You can see it on my Spacetagon sessions series, on my live shows, and even on the Mitsubishi commercial 🙂

Another aspect behind coming up with this booth is – I knew that creating a cohesive structure can give me a frame to create and pour into, building a concept out of my creative process, helping me to keep doing and creating future stuff effortlessly.

Basic in structure but modular and mobile in its usability. How strong is this duality of the Spacetagon, with and in your music?

The Spacetagon, even more than a physical booth, is a concept and built out of my needs, the way I create music, and the conceptuality of my creative process. Its functionality is in full parallel with and in my music.

Using the Spacetagon booth, I can create on-stage while performing; this gives me the possibility to bring my studio environment onto the stage and enjoy both worlds – writing/producing and performing…

I also assume that in this format, people who are experiencing my live show can enjoy it on a deeper level, and feel the liveness of music-making over a ‘regular’ Dj-set format of playing tunes one after the other.

A modern-day creative, Peter Spacey is one who could step up to the chair and give lessons to many veterans on how to manage their artist profile, without debasing the more artistic and creative side.

Despite the legacy of the cliché, despite the lockdown, despite an industry “destroyed because current music is only disposable,” he is an example of how today, more than ever before, music can be a profession in all respects.

Watch now Peter Spacey ‘Electro-Organic Live Session’. Check it out on the Peter Spacey YouTube channel.

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To be original, Peter Spacey recommends:

  • Search for the next you, don’t try to be the next someone else.
  • Limiting yourself during the creative process can easily help you come up with a cohesive concept.
  • Creating quantity is the key for quality, your originality revealed through time and experience.
  • Stay consistent. Just keep on walking with confidence and faith and the path will reveal itself.
  • Try to think about how your needs and interests can meet others’ needs and interests. Although it might sound upside down, contributing to the world can be the most fun and easy way to receive, fill your needs, and fulfill your dreams. Share your gift 🙂

Desh.Dubs // Champion

Starting from an early age as a rapper, Desh.Dubs managed to make a name for himself and collaborated and worked with the Black-Pact, the Rap Prophets, and the Zambezi Symphony, just to name a few.

Together, they aimed to shock Zambia with songs and performances that reached populations far beyond national borders.

In 2006, he joined the ArtScience department of the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague (the Netherlands), the Royal Conservatory, and the Media Department of the University of Leiden, where he combined his music with visual arts.

He continued his work with the university by completing his Master-degree in African Studies. He has continued to take a critical look at academia and its role in society by studying how African Studies have been interpreting African heritage features, including many African cultural forms such as performance, oral history, indigenous knowledge, etc.

As an art researcher, Desh combines art and science in his projects, focusing his works on the way human beings understand social, cultural, and political realities and how they respond and interact with the news media.

Using new technologies and spanning across various mediums, including video, audio, Desh design interactive devices and installations. Trying to analyze the similarities, contradictions, and differences in how we perceive space, sound, and vision, news media plays an essential role in many of his work.

While Desh’s primary goal is not to solve the world’s problems, it is clear how he wants to provoke visitors and audiences with his art, moving people to think about crime, corruption, and discrimination.

As a musician, sound is ever-present in his artwork. “It also plays an important role in addressing psychological, emotional feelings,” he explains.

Among his latest works, we discovered ‘Champion’, the lead single from his forthcoming album titled ‘Above The Wicked’, which brilliantly anticipates its sound and vibrations. While leaving us eager for what it’s set to come, ‘Champion’ is an energetic number, clearly capable of standing up on its own.

An upbeat, bouncy, and infectious track with a fusion of Dancehall, R&B, and Afrobeat elements, this is a song about that good relationship that can make one feel … like a champion.

Thanks to his affable songwriting skill and more broadly by his general artistic statement, with ‘Champion’ Desh brings to the table a succulent and polished work. The lyrics offer an apparently endless sequence of hooks that lead to reflection on the aspects and nature of the topic relationship.

So, while his husky and strong vocal touch pull us into this captivating piece, Dash inevitably leads us to push beyond our reflections, provoking us with witty lyrics.
Just to give an example, the second verse is worth quoting:

The way you are wine girl turn me on
You have gotten a top spot pan the million
Body hot, who cares if it’s silicone
Mi give you my heart, my soul not sex alone
You the true definition of woman stallone
Mi not perfect but mi no go and do you wrong
Man has to make the vow and carry on
You the queen because mi love how you gwan

Dash’s ‘Champion’ is a tremendously catchy song capable of making you feel optimistic thanks to its positive aesthetics and compelling sound. Last but not least, thanks to its lyrics, it can give you new food for thought at every listening.

Definitely unmissable, it is a safe addition to any weekly playlist.

Listen now to ‘Champion’, the lead single by Desh’s forthcoming album. Find and stream it on your favorite digital platform via

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Amadante // Blue Green Yellow

Amadante’s chromatic empathy shifts into the delicate gliding flight of ‘Blue Green Yellow’.

Swiss pianist and songwriter Adamante is back under the spotlight with a new single full of his colorful, passionate, and radiant style.

We had the pleasure of meeting him thanks to the release of his previous single titled ‘A Perfect Day’, a solar and uplifting song we talked about a few months ago. In case you missed it, you can find our piece here: Amadante // A Perfect Day

Now Amadante is back in the spotlight, satisfying us with a new number exquisitely chiseled and keyed in the wake of his creative signature.

We are talking about ‘Blue Green Yellow’, a single track with which Amadante does not betray expectations and further embellishes his stylistic perspective.

Wrapped in an airy and liberating perspective, which inspires us to imagine a colorful skyline, he paints a luminous, loving, and engaging scenography with crystalline positivity.

Amadante // Blue Green Yellow - artwork
Amadante // Blue Green Yellow - artwork

Pure and genuine, the musical delivery that Amadante offers us with his ‘Blue Green Yellow’ is an easy-to-read empathic effusion. However, the linearity around which the arrangement develops leaves ample space for those chromatisms that the Swiss pianist knows how to manipulate with affable mastery.

Step by step, accompanying us up a sort of ascending staircase, tangible as it is ethereal, Amadante veers between the shades of blue, green, and yellow.

Between a dip in the sea and a flick towards the sky, he moves above and below that skyline, which separates and unites two worlds that are as different as they are close.

This is a line that is a unifying split, around which a multitude of nuances is generated, broad and deep as the feeling that exists between two people, who love each other, who desire each other.

But Adamante’s is an excursus that transliterates even the most carnal part of the sentiment of love. Lyrics such as “When your eyes are blue-yellow, it makes me hungry for you. Dark blue when you’re feeling the blues” are a material and palpable hook. Impossible not to imagine the two lovers involved in a passionate embrace between the sheets.

Then, immediately afterward, here comes a heady wriggle, silhouetting our imagination towards new horizons that open up more and more: “We’re walking barefoot in the sand, along the shore at dusk, hand in hand, like a shooting star, you’re my unexpected. A blooming desire to be protected.”

These are just two parentheses of nine verses, which in a matter of seconds, encapsulate two cornerstones of the most genuine love, physical attraction, and the desire for protection, which indicate how Amadante is a sensitive artist, as well as a fabulous composer and songwriter.

A brilliant result, shining with beauty and freshness, ‘Blue Green Yellow’ is a safe addition to anyone’s daily playlist.

Read more about Amadante

Amadante // A Perfect Day - artwork

Amadante // A Perfect Day

‘A Perfect Day’ is a solar and uplifting single, in which we find all the creative positivity that guides Amadante as he writes his music.

Listen now to ‘Blue Green Yellow’, the latest single by Amadante, available for streaming on Spotify.

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Ramos // No Hands

Born in Almeria, Spain, Ramos moved to Ireland when he was around 7 years old. Ever since he was a kid, he was always fascinated by music. He took acoustic guitar lessons when he was around 10. Then, after a good couple of years, he choose to leave.

“I never actually did concerts because I was so scared to actually get myself out there.” So, Ramos introduces us to his story by sharing the memories of those early stages that marked his artistic path. A preamble that soon lead him to land on the shores of rap and hip-hop music.

“When I was 13, my dad bought me an electric guitar that I had been begging for the past couple years” – he continues – “I finally got it, and I started learning hard rock on it. I’d write stuff secretly but never show anyone.”

Then growing up, he talks about how he became addicted to rap. Expanding his horizons further, he began listening to various rap artists, more or less well-known, who influenced the last stage of his evolution.

Among these, Ramos mentions one above all – Eminem – as one of the most significant sources of inspiration.

But it was only with the beginning of the quarantine that Ramos began to get serious. “One day, I just said: “screw it and give music a go.” I’ve always wanted to, but I never did. I felt like if I kept waiting and waiting for the right time. I feel like if I grew older and didn’t give music a go. Id regret it. So I went for it.”

And that’s how we come to the present day. More precisely, on September 13th. This is the date on which Ramos released his debut single, ‘No Hands’.

A hip-hop rap number, with ‘No Hands’ Ramos brings to the table a mix of elements taken from the new and old school, trap bars, and mumble rivulets.

The release of ‘No Hands’ is accompanied by an official lyric video. Check it out on the Victor Lopez (AKA Ramos) YouTube channel.

“I released my first single on September 13th, and I’m so glad I did. The results and feedback have been amazing, and I can’t wait to release more music,” – says Ramos, underlining the excitement for his momentum – “I want to make people feel a certain way with music, give them a sense of you can do anything, genuinely, cliche, but it’s true. I’m not gonna stop releasing music. I enjoy doing this a lot. I want to inspire.”

Ramos’ is a perspective that is well reflected in this first work. ‘No Hands’ is a fun song that offers a flow that streams very well.

Here, rather than chasing Pindaric lyricism, the track unwinds in a natural and relaxed way. “Once I came up with the hook for the song, the rest honestly just flew nicely together. It wasn’t of a struggle to write it :)” explains Ramos talking about the creative process.

Then he concludes: “My inspiration was honestly just wanting to have something nice and wavy, and also getting my first single just out there finally. I’m really happy with the process.”

Listen now to ‘No Hands’, the debut single from Ramos, available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Dan Wande // Way Back

The result of two years of work, the new project by the Swedish artist, moves away from the softer songwriting seen in the previous ‘Wings’, tracing a new way with a more biting cut that officially marks the beginning of Dan Wande’s solo career

POWERFUL, COMPELLING, AND EXCITING – Dan Wande vibrates and hits the mark with an overwhelming and vigorous sounding production; hard and heavy, but without exaggeration, Wande brings to the table a feverish adrenaline rush.

A remarkable result, qualitatively constructed and chiseled in a mix of electrifying balances, ‘Way Back’ is the fruit of a long process that has led Wande to work with session artists from all over the world.

While ‘Way Back’ has been recorded in Italy, Greece, Poland, and the United States, Dan has been able to steer a straight course, demonstrating his artistic ability and the capacity to keep focused on a center core. Here, his over forty years of experience in the music industry have certainly given indispensable support. The production of ‘Way Back’ is crafty both outside and inside of the box.

Wande starves us, giving us 3 densely vehement tracks, overflowing them through a natural and organic musical delivery. They come and slips away as in an orgasmic rush. Something that first kidnaps us and then passes, leaving us wanting to have even more.

Wande’s is a creative momentum that is anything but ephemeral. He already released another EP, ‘Dragon Force’, and a lyric video. These are accompanied by a full-length album featuring the 6 songs of ‘Way Back’ and ‘Dragon Force’ along with 4 other unreleased tracks; released digitally and on vinyl as a limited edition of only 200 signed vinyls.

Impeccably driven by an old school rock sound’s locomotion, ‘Way Back’ is an intoxicating roller-coaster, skilfully piloted by Wande’s fine ear, which with tremendous compositional clarity, encapsulates four decades dedicated to music and composition.

Between metal anthems, bold riffs, and swirling leaks, Wande’s EP is an engaging and thunderous whirlwind that squirms and kicks.

Loaded with the charm evoked by an unstoppable ferocity, ‘Way Back’ traces a furrow of undeniable power, which sweeps away all sorts of doubts about Dan’s compositional abilities and sets a tangible perspective for his radiant journey.

From Dream Theater to AC / DC, from Guns N ‘Roses to Aerosmith, many elements refer to the power of the electric guitars and drums of those sacred monsters. However, Wande’s is anything but nostalgic.

Through a process of deconstruction, assimilation, and metabolization that he has cultivated throughout his 40-year career, Dan has managed to breathe new life into something recognizable in the foundations, now elevated to an ecstatic perspective with a refreshing livery.

One of the more interesting discoveries we have made in recent months, ‘Way Back’ by Dan Wande is an assault on the heart, the mind, and the soul to grasp the cue of an indelible sign capable to shake you with every run.

We can’t wait to hear what will come next, and given the premise, we expect great things for what has to follow. 

Listen now to Dan Wande’s EP ‘Way Back’ and find out more about his music, checking the links below:

icecolddiamond // Shattered

We had the chance to catch up with icecolddiamond, who told us a bit more about his creative project and ‘Shattered’, the single off of his album ‘High/Life’.

Keep on reading to know more.

Hi Fran and welcome to the Nova Music blog. Thank you for the time you dedicate to this short interview.

Hi! Thank you for this opportunity. It’s a pleasure to have a little talk with you.

icecolddiamond is the moniker for your solo music project. What is it about?

I’ve been playing music since I was a child and started recording some songs at the end of my teenage years. When I listened to this music I felt that releasing it under my real name sounded too big and too personal and I felt the need to create a character.

Furthermore, my music shows the inner parts of my mind, and they are so different from what I usually show to people when I am just Fran.

So icecolddiamond and Fran Jiménez are two sides of the same coin? Two opposites that attract each other? Images mirrored on opposite sides? What’s the encoding and the relationship between the two?

icecolddiamond cannot live without Fran and vice-versa. While icecolddiamond is made out of the darkest parts of my persona, it has some bright parts too. The line that separates my alter ego from my real me is really difficult to find. I don’t even know it.

Actually, this last year I felt that I wasn’t able to know when I am Fran or when I am icd. Sometimes I even feel that icecolddiamond is eating Fran.

Singer, producer and pianist, your debut came in 2019 with the EYES album. What is your legacy and your musical background?

I remember being a child and telling my mother that I wanted to play piano. When I was eight years old, my grandfather, who used to play piano when he was young, bought a little keyboard and I learned how to play it by ear. Then, I started going to classes.

Later, I learned how to play the guitar and started doing singing lessons with a soprano. She taught me everything I know. I started to learn music production when I was fifteen and two years ago I started a university degree in Music and Sound Production here in Barcelona.

I never finished the degree because of a lot of different reasons but it was the moment when I decided to focus on my solo music career even if don’t have have a label or a team working with me.

You sing about mental health, rage, political issues, city life, not fitting in society, family problems, growing up too fast … while your musical inspirations range from Björk to David Bowie, from Kraftwerk to Marilyn Manson. What’s the order in this seemingly cacophonous chaos?

I write everything I live and everything I see. It’s the only way I know to put my mind in order. Making music has been the way I found to face traumas and express my ideas.

It’s also been a way to deal with anxiety and my mental health. I’ve been battling with depression for years and not being able to talk with people and isolating from everyone has been an issue I had to deal with and making music has been therapeutic.

I’ve always listened to lots of different music. Madonna, Dire Straits, ABBA, or Depeche Mode has always been sounding while I grew up at home. When I started high school I used to visit music blogs and I discovered artists such as Björk, Kraftwerk, or iamamiwhoami. The electronica they made really blew my mind. It was a whole new world to discover for me. Then, I had a little phase in which I was really interested in heavy metal and bands such as Marilyn Manson or Rammstein.

Icecolddiamond drank from all these influences and I created my very own sound. If you listen closely to my music you can hear heavy-metal guitar riffs but being played with synthesizers or pianos breaking in the middle of electronic chaos. I guess you can also see these influences in my image and visuals.

Let’s come to your latest project, the Shattered single and video. Here the tones are raw and dark, I would also say particularly explicit especially in the video. The message is strong, perhaps even too strong for some. So here’s the (provocative) question. Why is this heavy dose of dark rawness necessary to address certain issues?

Shattered was one of the last songs I wrote for my new album (which I really consider my first album). I wrote the song while quarantining alone in Barcelona. I spent almost three months at my house without barely talking with anyone. It was just me, my pianos, and my head. So, during the first weeks, I wrote some songs about everything I was thinking.

I really missed partying and meeting new people, getting wasted, and then ending up the night I-don’t-know-where. The last parties I had before the COVID-19 stroke on I really put myself in places I’ve never been before.

And, even if now I can say that I was doing wrong, during that moment I’ve been missing it. So, yes, the lyrics and the video are really explicit. In my head, everything is always really raw and I needed to reflect it that way on the music video. If we are going to have a sex scene, then we’ll have the hottest sex scene you will see.

I must confess that the first idea for the video was even more hardcore: we had different guys, prostitutes, and substance abuse but we decided to cut it down the day before shooting. When you listen to the new album everything will make sense.

icecolddiamond // Shattered - artwork
icecolddiamond // Shattered - artwork

The song seems to want to remove a veil from the most hypocritical do-gooders, while the video seems to want to go much further. Provoke to break the chains?

Art is meant to provoke and, consequently, to break chains. Everything seems to be done and if I can do something that shocks people I will definitely do it. I’ve been the shy and good guy all my life and sometimes it’s good to be a little wild. I want to break chains. I want to break stigmas. I want to do something that can be remembered in the future.

Any upcoming projects you are working on?

I’m releasing my album High/Life the 16th October and I have one more single to be released before it. I also want to shoot one or two more music videos for it. I have lots of ideas.

I’m really proud of this project because I can finally find that this is my sound, this is my work and these are my lyrics. If you listen to High/Life in full you can get to know me well. Also, I’m playing two gigs in January in Barcelona and I’m willing to play around Spain and Europe as soon as possible. The people who have come to the shows I’ve done before have said that I sound even better live.

Furthermore, I started writing some new things but it’s gonna take a really long while to finish. By the moment, just mark on your agenda that High/Life is coming in October!

Where curious and fans can find more about your music?

You can listen to the music I’ve been releasing on every music platform (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal…) and YouTube, where you can find my music videos. I’m playing my music live in Barcelona on the 23rd and 24th January of 2021 at Art Lover Ground, an art exposition.

And, of course, you can follow me on my Instagram or Twitter, where I am called icecolddiamond_. And you can preorder the physical copy of High/Life at my webpage

Listen now to icecolddiamond’s Shattered, the single off of his album ‘High/Life’, available on all the major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via

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Royal Deuce // Tom Brady

Hip-hop rap artist Royal Deuce returns to the scene with a biting new single: Tom Brady.

Royal Deuce is a hip-hop artist born in Pompano Beach, Florida. His diversified rap flow starts from a creative drift with multiple facets, in which find place witty punchlines, sick tunes, and a story to tell.

“Everything I done seen almost went crazy,” he stated speaking about that creative world that inspire him: something he defines as a “gemini complex” and that let him to grasp motivation from life facts such as the imprisonment of many family members and even the loss of some along the way.

As Deuce explains: “Music is like an uncharted world for a person in need of redesigning himself, meaning you can create anything you wish to have through music, whether it is happiness, or riches or even tranquility for your spirit.”

Always set to take his skills and his music to another level, Royal Deuce has recently returned to the scene with a brand new release, Tom Brady.

Royal’s new work sums up the personality and willingness of this artist to raise the bar, not only in terms of production, but also about the delivery.

Among the most authentic elements of hip-hop, and other influences of the golden age, the new version of Deuce immerses us in an atmosphere with a bittersweet and melancholy aesthetic. A captivating publication, perfect manifesto to showcase his talent and skills.

Royal Deuce // Tom Brady - artwork
Royal Deuce // Tom Brady - artwork

Listen now to ‘Tom Brady’, the latest single by Royal Duce, available for streaming on all the major digital platforms. Find your favorite one via

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MYXA // Carrion

Comprised of talented singer and multi-instrumentalist Irene Fan, and the equally incredible multi-instrumentalist Gyancarlo Garcia, MYXA is one of the most interesting discoveries we have seen in recent months.

We could say that this is a band born almost by chance, as they met for a fortuitous occasion in a recording studio in Seattle, they started jamming, and then decided to give life to the new project.

Although the band initially included a third member, whom they decided to drop out when things started to get serious, it seems that the duo is a perfect formula for MYXA.

Like two faces of the same moon, the two complement and enhance each other, both being smart players who move with ability in that electronic maze they share.

An excellent example of their creative caliber is ‘Carrion’, the single from their debut EP titled ‘Mosca’.

MYXA - Mosca - EP cover
MYXA - Mosca - EP cover

Far from being a mere stylistic exercise, their flair manifests in a hypnotic granular decantation of trip-hop structures.

Of course, here we find a lot of the imprinting which, as they told us, sees them obsessively addicted to DJ Shadow, Portishead, and Sneaker Pimps.

Nevertheless, a few seconds after the beginning of ‘Carrion’, it has been a considerable effort to remain lucidly anchored to a more technical analysis.
Like masters of genetic manipulation, Fan and Garcia reshape that clay derived from their heritage and musical roots and render it into a new texture full of charm.

Drop by drop, layer by layer, in a few seconds, what might have seemed familiar in the first place has unexpectedly changed into a suggestion that makes our imagination run wild.

The horizontal evolutionary dynamics along which the track develops, combined with the sophisticated search for a refined aesthetic, become the two pillars of an impeccable work capable of engulfing us in an intoxicating listening experience.
On all, that of an ethereal ghost remains the most impressive representation that has flashed in our head.

Powdered with a pale white livery, they hover between mellifluous twirls and snapping glitches, while the cloak they wear lets organic roots to pulsate and extend far away, sinking into an aura of dark mystery.

Engaging and distinctive, ‘Carrion’ is a number that carries within it all the murky charm of the signature of MYXA.

A formidable entry point to enter the enveloping world of MYXA. Needless to say, we can’t wait to hear what comes next.

Listen now to MYXA’s single ‘Carrion’, and find out more about Irene Fan, Gyancarlo Garcia, and their music by checking the links below:

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Aladin Music // African in London


With an uplifting Afrobeat Pop World Music song Aladin Music delivers positive energy, expressing how he is proud to be an African living in London.

Solar, bright, and engaging, the latest work from Nigerian artist Aladin Anyebe – aka Aladin Music – is a compelling danceable number.

Through exciting Pop vibrations, Aladin ferries and expands Afrobeat’s tribalism into the atmospheres of World Music.

Looking towards tomorrow and future generations, Aladin offers energy and hope, feelings condensed into a message of love and unity.

Singing “You can hear it in my accent when I talk. Am an African in London. You can see it in my action when I walk”, he underlines an essential waypoint for the development of the society of tomorrow.

While his words “You know we gonna do greater things for the future generation” and “I know if fit come together like one big family, we’ll be stronger” are the sails of a universal vessel carrying one of the most powerful and uplifting message.

‘African In London’, the latest single from Aladin Music, is set to be released shortly. 

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Mandalan // ¿Cómo Sabré?

Mandalan is the music project of Los Angeles-based musician, songwriter, and producer James Brennan. He produces a tropical house blend of dance/pop music with a dramatic sound, including heavy drums and electronic elements.

His musical influences range from a large number of artists. Including names ranging from Becky G, Bomba Estereo, Tito “El Bombino,” DJ-Chart, Ozomatli, Enrique Iglesias and Santana, to Buena Vista Social Club, Ricardo Lemvo, Jennifer Lopez, Kygo, Alan Walker, and David Tort, Mandalan is an artist who certainly has a wide-ranging musical heritage

Following his debut single, the critically acclaimed song ‘How We Live’ featuring vocals by EDM singer Cadence XYZ and released in December 2019, recently Mandalan is back to the scene with a new compelling work.

Released in August 2020, his latest is the single title ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ (which translate to “How will I know”). A colorful electro-pop jam lit by bright touches and tropical vibrations, the track features Spanish language vocals performed by talented Miami-based EDM singer Emarie.

With ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ Mandalan immerses us in an engaging atmosphere full of Latin passion. Here, while a percussive beat gives the legs to this exquisitely danceable piece, a warm and dreamy soundscape stands out in the background, evoking exotic scenographies that refer us to distant places kissed by the sun.

A musical delivery with a sensual aesthetic set in a dreamy and reflective dimension, passionately complemented by the vocal touch of Emarie, ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ is a sure addition to any personal playlist to accompany yourself towards the end of the summer.

A love song questioning “how will I know?” and answering “escuchando el corazon” (“listening to the heart”), the release of the ‘¿Cómo Sabré?’ will be followed up by an upcoming music video which will undoubtedly provide further emphasis to the story of the song itself: a passionate tale of a woman who struggles, finding herself at a crossroads, divided between emotion and reason.

Caught in a love triangle with two lovers, in the end, she will follow her own intuition, giving peace to his doubts, in a sort of happy ending that will be crowned thanks to that “listening to the heart.”

“Yes, We are excited to partner with So Foreign Productions to create a music video experience for the new dance single ¿CÓMO SABRÉ?” – said Mandalan about the release of the video –“We have launched a campaign inviting Patrons to be part of an upcoming official music video for the song. Supporters will receive a digital download of the song along with credits in the music video. They will also get personalized THANK YOU’s on social media, participate in a live stream event during production, and receive free merchandise!”

A few more about So Foreign Productions

Based in Los Angeles, So Foreign Productions is a full-service production company tailored to commercials, new media, social media, short films, and series pilots.
Founded by Brazilian actress Mariana Brassaroto and Ukrainian-born actress Albina Katsman, So Foreign has produced an original web series and a short film amongst other projects.
Katsman recently starred in the feature film “Alone” which premiered in 2019.

The project will help fund a production crew and dance team to film the video under strict COVID-safe production guidelines. Find out all the details and join Mandalan campaign on Patreon by visiting the link:

“The music video will combine social media elements, such as TikTok-inspired choreo and a narrative story,” said Brassaroto about the project.

Katsman added, “We want to appeal to as many people as possible and, at the same time, stay true to the message of the song!” 

Listen now to ¿Cómo Sabré?’, the latest single from LA-based musician, songwriter, and producer Mandalan. The song is available on all the major digital platforms. You can find your favorite one via:

To know more about Mandalan and his music, find and follow Mandalan all over the web by checking the links below:

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